Contact Information
Name: Rongqian Yang
Telephone: 1-301-316-5025
Fax: 1-301-238-2399
Mailing Address: NCEP/EMC (W/NP2, RM 207)
NOAA Science Center
5200 Auth Road
Camp Springs, MD 20746-4304

General Information (NAMAP2 specification, if applicable)
Model name: Eta Regional Climate Model (Eta RCM)
Primary citations describing model formulation: Janjic Z.,1990, The Step-mountain Coordinate: Physical package, Mon. Wea. Rev., 118, 1429-1443
URL for online model information:
Start date of simulation: (15 May 2004)15 May, 2004 (control)
also varies depending on ensemble members
End date of simulation: (20 Sept 2004)30 September, 2004 (control)
also varies depending on ensemble members
Single continuous run?:Yes
If not, describe model initialization protocol:  
Will you submit a single model run,
multiple runs (how many), or
an ensemble average of runs?
(please describe)
multiple runs, 10 members with initial starting date of each
individual member varying by one day

Dynamics/Numerics (NAMAP2 specification, if applicable)
Hydrostatic? [yes or no]: Yes
Horizontal domain: (15-45°N 125-75°W, for regional models)10 ~ 90 N
58 ~ 164 W
Map projection: Lat-lon window of a rotated lat-lon coordinate system
Horizontal resolution:32 km
Vertical coordinate:Eta
Number of vertical levels: 45

Physics (NAMAP2 specification, if applicable)
Description of IR and solar radiation schemes: GFDL radiation code:

SW: Lacis and Hansen (1974)
LW: Felse and Schwarzkopf (1975)
Principal reference: Lacis, A. A. and J. E. Hansen, 1974, A parameterization of the
absorption of solar radiation in the earth's atmosphere, J. Atmos. Sci.,31, 118-133
Fels, S.B. and M.D. Schwarzkopf, 1975, The simplified exchange approximation: A new method for radiative
transfer calculations, J. Atmos. Sci, 32, 1474-1488
Description of deep convection scheme: Betts-Miller-Janjic
Principal reference: Janjic Z., 1994, The step-mountain Eta coordinate model: further developments of the convection, viscous sublayer, and turbulence closure schemes, Mon. Wea. Rev., 122, 927-945
Description of resolved condensation scheme: Single total cloud condensate as prognostic cloud state. Liquid and ice content of total is diagnosed from air temperature.
Principal reference: Zhao, Q., T. L. Black, and M.E. Baldwin, 1997, Implementation of the cloud prediction scheme in the Eta model at NCEP, Wea. Forecasting, 12, 697-712
Description of boundary layer scheme: Turbulent Kinetic Energy shceme
Mellor-Yamada level 2.5 scheme
Principal reference: Janjic Z., 2001, Nonsingular implementation of the mellor-yamada level 2.5 scheme in the NCEP meso model,
Office Note # 437
Description of land surface scheme: Noah land surface model with 4 soil layers
Principal reference: Ek, M., et al., 2003: Implementation of the Noah land surface model advances in the National Centers for Environmental Prediction operational mesoscale Eta model, J. Geophysical Research, 108, D22, 8851

Boundary Conditions (NAMAP2 specification, if applicable)
Used Xie (2005) SST fields? (Xie 2005 analyses): Yes
If not, specify SST boundary condition: 
Frequency of observed SST updates:Daily
Used CDAS2 analysis for lateral boundary conditions? (if regional model): (NOAA CDAS2)Yes
If other boundary conditions, please specify: 

Model Output (NAMAP2 specification, if applicable)
Description of output format for spatial fields: (Preferred format)use preferred format (in grib format)
Description of output format for MOLTS time series:(Preferred format)use preferred format (in grib format)
Estimated total size in Gigabytes of model output:roughly 3.0G
per member