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        Notes from 02 September 2005 Meeting at NCEP

          Simulation Timeline (as of 14 November 2005)

        Time PeriodEvent
        Spring - Summer 2005 Solicit participation and develop NAMAP2 simulation protocols
        Summer - Autumn 2005 Develop the prescribed global SST fields at NCEP
        October 2005 Report on NAMAP2 progress at the NOAA Climate Diagnostics Workshop
        November 2005 SST data disseminated NAMAP2 simulations initiated
        Winter 2005/6 NAMAP2 simulations carried out at individual modeling centers
        28 February 2006 Deadline for submission of NAMAP2 simulations
        Spring 2006 NAMAP2 analysis to be carried out at Climate Prediction Center
        Summer 2006 Results presented at NAME meeting; initial results written up for publication

          Simulation Guidelines (as of 22 June 2005)

        Simulation Period 15 May-30 September 2004
        Domain of Interest 15-45N 125-75W
        Lateral Boundary Conditions (for regional models) NOAA CDAS2
        Surface Boundary Conditions/oceanic Global fields for Simulation Period
        (to be supplied by CPC in Autumn 2005)
        Surface Boundary Conditions/continental Chosen by each modeling group

          Output Archiving Protocols (as of 08 Sep 2005)
            Archive lat-lon fields covering domain of interest every 3 hours (8/day during simulation period)
            Fields to archive:

        Ms sfc layer soil moisture Ts temperature (surface)
        Msub subsfc soil moisture T2m temperature (2m)
        Msca sfc soil moisture cap T850 temperature (850 hPa)
        Mbca subsfc soil mois. cap T500 temperature (500 hPa)
        Rs sfc layer runoff T300 temperature (300 hPA)
        Rsub subsfc runoff Zs geopotential ht (surface)
        Veg Vegetation stressZ850geopotential ht (850 hPa)
        SWs net sfc SW flux (+dn) Z500geopotential ht (500 hPa)
        LWs net sfc LW flux (+up) Z300geopotential ht (300 hPa)
        LHs sfc latent flux (+up)Q2mspecific humidity (2m)
        SHssfc sensible flux (+up)Q850specific humidity (850 hPa)
        Asalbedo (surface)Q500specific humidity (500 hPa)
        Apalbedo (planetary)Q300specific humidity (300 hPa)
        SLPsea level pressureU10mzonal wind (10m)
        OLRoutgoing LW flux (TOA)U850zonal wind (850 hPa)
        Toposurface elevation ASLU500zonal wind (500 hPa)
        CWcocolumn condensed H2OU300zonal wind (300 hPa)
        Qcocolumn specific humidityV10mmeridional wind (10m)
        QUcovert integrated QUV850meridional wind (850 hPa)
        QVcovert inegrated QVV500meridional wind (500 hPa)
        CWltsfc-700hPa cond H2OV300meridional wind (300 hPa)
        Qltsfc-700hPa spec humidityPconprecipitation (convective)
        QUltsfc-700hPa cond QUPresprecipitation (resolved)
        QVltsfc-700hPa cond QVCAPEconvective available PE
        CWut700hPa-top cond H2OCinconvective inhibition
        Qut700hPa-top spec humidity  
        QUut700hPa-top cond QU  
        QVut700hPa-top cond QV  

          Archive high-resolution (at least hourly in time and full vertical resolution)
          "MOLTS" - style output -- including surface fluxes and profiles of humidity,
          T, u, v, w, p, plus resolved and convective precipitation, cloud fraction,
          radiation, and turbulence at model gridpoints corresponding to the following
          sounding sites:

        NAME sounding sites  US, Cent Amer. RAOBS  
        Puerto Penasco (ISS 2)31.18N 113.33WTucson (NWS)32.12N110.92W
        Bahia Kino (ISS 3) 28.81N 111.93WLas Vegas (NWS)36.62N116.02W
        Los Mochis (ISS 4) 25.41N 109.05WSan Diego (NWS)32.85N117.12W
        Loreto (GLASS) 26.01N 111.21WFlagstaff (NWS)35.23N111.82W
        RV Altair (CSU) 21.49N 106.07WAlbuquerque (NWS)35.05N106.62W
        SMN sites   El Paso (NWS)31.87N106.70W
        Empalme 27.95N 110.77WAmarillo (NWS)35.23N101.70W
        Mazatlan 23.20N 106.42WMidland (NWS)31.95N102.18W
        Chihuahua 28.63N 106.08WDel Rio (NWS)29.37N100.92W
        Torreon 25.53N 103.45WYuma (ARMY)32.51N114.00W
        Monterrey 25.87N 100.23WPhoenix (SRP)33.45N111.95W
        Zacatecas/Guadalupe 22.75N 102.51WBelize City, Belize17.53N88.3W
        La Paz 24.17N 110.30W   
        Mexico City 19.4N 99.2W   

      NCAR/EOL NAMAP2 Data Management

        NCAR/EOL NAMAP2 Data Management System Project Page


      Data Set Name (Responsible group/PIs shown in parentheses)
      Date Posted
      Model Definition

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