Contact Information
Name: Masao Kanamitsu
Telephone: 858-822-5176
Fax: 858-534-4163
Affiliation: ECPC/SIO/UCSD
Mailing Address: Dr. Masao Kanamitsu
MC 0224
8605 La Jolla Shores Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0224

Model Information
Model Name: ECPC/RSM
Model Web Page:
Primary Citation for Model: Juang, H.-M. and M. Kanamitsu, 1994: The NMC nested regional spectral model. Mon. Wea. Rev., 122, 3-26.
Model Dynamics-NumericsAnswerSpecifications
Model Equations: Hydrostatic 
Horizontal Domain and Map Projection:
Polar Stereographic true at: on60N
Lat-Lon window, pole of coordinate system coincident with geographic pole:  
Lat-Lon window of a rotated lat-lon coordinate system, pole rotated by:  
Other: onMercator also possible
Horizontal Resolution: 80/40/20km
Vertical Coordinate: Sigma
Vertical Levels: 28
Treatment of Gravity Wave Terms: Semi-Implicit 
Specification of lateral boundary conditions: Zero or symmetric for purturbation
Model Physics AnswerSpecifications
Ocean Surface Temperature: Prescribed 
Land Surface Temperature: Computed via surface heat budget 
Land Surface Moisture: Computed via surface moisture budget 
Vegetation: USGS vegetation type and cover
Runoff Scheme Included?: on
Surface Layer Scheme:
Bulk Type: Value of CD is:  
Similarity Theory: on 
Planetary Boundary Layer Scheme:
Bulk Type:
K-Type: Form of K:  
Turbulent Kinetic Energy Scheme:
Other: onNon-local diffusion
Convection Scheme (Deep): Arakawa-Schubert 
Non-Convective Condensation:
According to What % Saturation Criterion?: on100
Sundqvist Scheme:
Explicit Scheme: Please List Prognostic Variables:  
Infrared Radiation (Free Atmosphere) Code: GFDL Fels Schwarzkopf
Data Output Answer
Size of Output: ?
Format of Output: GRIB