Contact Information
Name: Kenneth Mitchell
Telephone: 1-301-763-8000x7225
Fax: 1-301-763-8545
Affiliation: NCEP/EMC(NOAA/NWS)
Mailing Address: NCEP/EMC(Room 207)
NOAA Science Center
5200 Auth Road
Camp Springs, MD 20746

Model Information
Model Name: Eta
Model Web Page:
Primary Citation for Model: Black T., 1994: The new NMC mesoscale Eta model: description and forecast examples. Wea Forecasting, 9, 265-278
Model Dynamics-NumericsAnswerSpecifications
Model Equations: Hydrostatic 
Horizontal Domain and Map Projection:
Polar Stereographic true at:  
Lat-Lon window, pole of coordinate system coincident with geographic pole:  
Lat-Lon window of a rotated lat-lon coordinate system, pole rotated by: on 
Horizontal Resolution: 32 km
Vertical Coordinate: Eta
Vertical Levels: 45
Treatment of Gravity Wave Terms: OtherSplit-Explicit
Specification of lateral boundary conditions: NCEP Global Reanalysis I/II or AVN
Model Physics AnswerSpecifications
Ocean Surface Temperature: OtherAs described in "NAMIP"
Land Surface Temperature: Computed via surface heat budget 
Land Surface Moisture: Computed via surface moisture budget 
Vegetation: Vegetation type: USGS/EDC 1-deg (SSiB categories -12); Greenness: NESDIS/ORA global 5-year monthly mean 0.144-deg
Runoff Scheme Included?: on
Surface Layer Scheme:
Bulk Type: Value of CD is:  
Similarity Theory: onPaulson implicit similarity functions
Planetary Boundary Layer Scheme:
Bulk Type:
K-Type: Form of K:  
Turbulent Kinetic Energy Scheme: on
Convection Scheme (Deep): Convective Adjustment 
Non-Convective Condensation:
According to What % Saturation Criterion?:  
Sundqvist Scheme:
Explicit Scheme: Please List Prognostic Variables: ontotal cloud water/ice
Infrared Radiation (Free Atmosphere) Code: GFDL radiation code
Data Output Answer
Size of Output: 260 MB per output
Format of Output: GRIB