NAMAP communique IV: 14 May 2002

The NAMAP monthly mean archive at JOSS

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to start coordinating the output archive for NAMAP 1990 simulations. This message outlines a directory and file-naming convention and I solicit your comments. I will work with personnel at JOSS to get this set up. It's my hope that data transfer and access will be as easy and transparent as possible.

Here is the file and naming convention I suggest. The list of files is based on the NAMAP protocol (online at

if you don't have it handy).

Files: each file is a concatenated set of monthly average maps for a particular variable and time of day, written in binary x-y format suitable for import into GrADS. Thus for NAME Tier I high-resolution output, hourly data for surface latent flux for the month of July would be written out as 24 x-y maps for 00Z, 01Z, ..., 23Z concatenated into one file. Since each model will have a different resolution we'll need clear instructions about the x-y format and how to convert your model's horizontal coordinates into latitude and longitude.

LWnet_24 Tsfc_24 T925_24 T850_24 T700_24 OLR_24
SW_24 qsfc_24 q925_24 q850_24 q700_24 CAPE_24
LH_24 usfc_24 u925_24 u850_24 u700_24 cldlg_24 (resolved clouds)
SH_24 vsfc_24 v925_24 v850_24 v700_24 cldconv_24 (subgrid clouds)
SLP_24 zsfc_24 z925_24 z850_24 z700_24 qucol_24
albedo_24 qvcol_24 (..col=column total)

Tier2: (twice daily, 00Z and 12Z concatenated)
precip_2 Tsfc_2 (x 8 levels)
SLP_2 qsfc_2

I made a very rough estimate of 100-200 Mbytes of total storage space per model, which obviously depends on resolution.

I will work out getting these directories set up with José Meitín at JOSS. Anonymous FTP can be used for data transmission but we'll need to make sure that files are named and stored properly.

NAMAPers, please comment critically on this plan, including ambiguities, omissions, or any stuff I've forgotten to think about, so that we can fine tune the conventions before files are formatted and transmitted. I know some of you are at meetings this week so I'll wait at least a week before proceeding further.



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