NAMAP communique III: 2 May 2002

Dear NAMAPers,

Welcome to Masao Kanamitsu, the latest addition to the list of NAMAP participants!

I've been working with José Meitín and Steve Williams to arrange for model output archive space on the JOSS server in Boulder. Please recall that we plan to archive the variables called for in the NAMAP protocol in monthly mean map form. We'll set up appropriate directories at JOSS for archiving, and we'll set up a naming convention so that files are readily identifiable.
For now, we need to know how many of you have active UCAR computing accounts and therefore can access the mass store directly. Can you let me know? We'll make appropriate arrangements for non-UCAR computer users.
Also, we would like to use NAMAP as the basis for setting up a "Climate Process Team" that would make sure that NAME observations and high-resolution modeling efforts are properly coordinated. We'll need to organize a CPT, 'appoint' a chair for the team, etc. More about this soon; meanwhile you can find out more about CPTs from the slide show available off the US CLIVAR home page at

Thanks for your input.


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