MILAGRO / INTEX Science Conference: May 15-18, 2007 (Tuesday-Friday), Mexico City

There will be oral and poster presentations during the four-day conference. The results from the conference will be presented to the Mexican government authority on Monday, May 21, 2007.

In addition, we have organized education activities with high school teachers and students on Saturday, May 19, 2007.

The meeting location and the hotel information is found here

Lead Scientists:
Luisa T. Molina (MCMA-2006)
Sasha Madronich (MIRAGE-Mex)
Jeff Gaffney (MAX-Mex)
Hanwant Singh (INTEX-B)

AGU Joint Assembly: May 22-25, 2007 (Tuesday - Friday), Acapulco

We invite you to submit an abstract to Session A08. In addition to the contributions from meeting attendees, there will be four invited speakers, which we will announce shortly.

Abstract Submissions Deadline: March 1, 2007 at 23:59 UT
More information is available at:  AGU Spring Meeting web site

Session A08: Megacities Air Pollution: Urban, Regional and Global Impacts

During the next three decades, the world population is expected to increase from 6.1 billion to 8.1 billion, with nearly all of this growth concentrated in urban areas. Many of these urban centers are expanding rapidly, leading to the growth of megacities, which are often defined as metropolitan areas with populations exceeding 10 million inhabitants. These concentrations of people and activity are exerting increasing stress on the natural environment, with impacts at urban, regional and global levels. In recent decades, air pollution has become one of the most important problems of megacities and has serious impacts on public health, causes urban and regional haze, and has the potential to contribute significantly to climate change. Participants in this session will present atmospheric science studies conducted in megacities around the world, highlighting the following areas: 1. Emissions; 2. Meteorological measurements; 3. Particle and trace gas measurements; 4. Satellite observation; 5. Photochemistry; 6. Dynamics and radiative effects; 7. Air quality modeling; 8. Policy implications of reductions in emissions; 9. Health Effects.

Luisa T. Molina (MIT and MCE2, USA)
Beatriz Cardenas (CENICA, INE/SEMARNAT, Mexico)
Paulo Artaxo (Institute of Physics, University of São Paulo, Brazil)
José Agustín Garcia-Reynoso (CCA/UNAM, Mexico)

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