Joint Science Teams Workshop
Center Green Campus
NCAR, Boulder, Colorado

Monday 24 October 2005
Welcome, overview of workshop
Sasha Madronich
MCMA-2006 Luisa Molina (MIT) and
Bety Cardenas (CENICA)
MAX-Mex Jeff Gaffney
Argonne Natl Lab
MIRAGE-Mex Sasha Madronich
INTEX-B/IMPEX William Brune (NASA)
Fire Emissions
Bob Yokelson
Univ of Montana
Darrell Baumgardner
Experience with coordinated planning for ICARTT
Daniel Jacob (Harvard)
Preliminary modeling results
Jerome Fast
Pacific NW Natl Lab
Additional Presentations
NASA LaRC Airborne Remote Sensing
Chris Hostetler (NASA)
DoE Gulfstream-I Overview
Larry Kleinman (PNNL)
NASA Ames Jetstream-31 in INTEX-B/MILAGRO
Phillip Russell (NASA)
Coordinated Meteorological Balloons
Paul Voss
Univ of Mass & Smith College

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