Data Workshop, ICE-L
Monday, 8 September-noon, to Wednesday 10 September
EOL Atrium, Foothills Lab Building 1
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Monday, 8 September 2008
9:00 Goals of Workshop, Discussion of Agenda Andy Heymsfield
9:15 Data Management Bob Rilling
9:30 Data Quality Report Jorgen Jensen
10:00 Break
10:30 Data Quality, Presentations by Instrument PIs, 5 min. each
Learjet Participation in ICE-L
Ice Crystal Shattering
Wyoming Cloud Lidar (WCL) Measurements during ICE-L Zhien Wang, et al.
Wyoming Could Radar Data for ICE-L
Science Theme: Modeling I (15+5 minutes each)
11:30 Real-time WRF model runs for ICE-L Greg Thompson
12:00 Lunch
Science Theme: Aerosols
1:00 An overview of ice nuclei measurements during ICE-L and their relation to ice formation Paul DeMott
1:20 CCN spectra in ICE-L Jim Hudson
1:40 Summary of sub-micron, non-refractive aerosol composition: clear air and CVI results Shane Murphy
2:00 The impact of aerosol sources and chemistry on CCN and IN Kerri Pratt
2:20 Properties of Residual Nuclei from ICE-L Clouds Cindy Twohy
2:40 Black Carbon in Cloud Residual Nuclei during ICE-L: Combining the Single Particle Soot Photometer and the Counterflow Virtual Impactor R. Subramanian
Trans-Atlantic African Dust Transport Revealed by CALIPSO Lidar Measurements Dong Liu, Zhien Wang
3:00 Break
Science Theme: Remote Sensing Observations
3:15 11 Dec 2007 ICE-L flight (Poster, 5 minute discussion) Pat Kennedy
3:20 Ice formation in mixed-phase clouds Zhien Wang
Science Theme: Ice Nucleation
3:40 A comparison of clouds and aerosols sampled in ICE-L and PACDEX Jeff Stith
4:00 Airborne Measurements of Ice Concentrations in Wave Clouds Dave Rogers
4:20 Contrasting the ice nucleation in two lee wave clouds observed during the ICE-L campaign (PDF) Paul Field
4:40 Overview of ice nucleation in ICE-L clouds Andy Heymsfield
5:00 Ice nuclei/ice crystals (PDF) Eric Jensen
Tuesday, 9 September 2008
Science Theme: Ice Nucleation (continued)
8:30 Evidence for Deposition Nucleation Dave Rogers
8:50 The Evolution of Ice in Wave Clouds Brad Baker
9:10 Droplet freezing and signs of small scale particle clustering in mountain wave clouds Baumgardner
Science Theme: Modeling II
9:30 Ice iniation by aerosol particles: Comparing a model parameterization and observations in a parcel framework Trude Eidhammer
10:00 Break
Instrument Evaluation
10:30 An Observational Study of Cloud Particle Splash/Break-Up Artifacts on Air Sampling from Inlets Dave Rogers
11:00 Formation of working groups to resolve differences between instruments that measure similar or related properties
1:00 Continuation of working groups
Presentation of Working Group Results and Discussion
2:00 Aerosols
2:15 Microphysics
2:30 Modeling
3:00 Break
Presentation of Proposal for ICE-T (as in ice tea, tropical)* and Synergies
3:30 Overview Andy Heymsfield/Paul Field
4:00 Discussion of ICE-T
5:00 End for Day
Wednesday, 10 September 2008
8:30 Proposed Journal Articles
9:15 Further Discussion of ICE-T Field Campaign and Writing Assignments
10:00 Break
10:30 Discussion of Long Term Program to Study Ice Nucleation and Connections with Other Programs
12:00 End Workshop

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