The Data Management Working Group (DMWG) is established by and reports to the GEWEX Hydrometeorology Panel (GHP). The primary objective of the DMWG is to assist the GHP in the coordination and facilitation of data management activities/issues between the GEWEX Continental-scale Experiments (CSE)s and ISLSCP. Membership consists of a data management expert from each CSE and ISLSCP.


Each CSE POC will be invited to nominate a data management expert to serve on the DMWG. The Working Group Chair will be appointed by the GHP and will report to the Chair of the GHP as needed. In addition, the Chairman will be responsible to report on an annual, or more frequent basis as required, to the GHP on DMWG recommendations and progress on action items approved by the GHP. The normal term for each DMWG member will be three years and can be renewed.

Mode of Operation:

The DMWG will normally conduct its activities by correspondence (electronic or regular mail); however, it will meet when appropriate.

The major responsibilities of the DMWG are:

  1. to serve as the principal advisory group in all matters pertaining to data management activities/issues and the coordination and exchange of data among the GHP members.
  2. to act as point of contact for data management questions on behalf of the GHP or assist (whenever possible) in data requests. The DMWG will also coordinate data management activities/issues with other GEWEX panels/organizations where appropriate.
  3. to develop a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for adoption by the GHP to facilitate data policy issues, data exchange restrictions, and data access/procedures.
  4. to design, draft, and periodically review a World Wide Web (WWW) Data Management "Home Page" to provide current information on data policies, availability, access/links, and data set status of the various CSEs. This WWW page will be approved by the GHP and linked to the GHP "Home Page".
  5. to develop and draft a data management plan for those GHP enhanced observing periods having three or more CSEs participating. This Data Management Plan will address specific issues regarding identification of "standard" and "validation" data sets (i.e. formats, resolution, frequency, parameters, etc.) and establish specific working protocol procedures among the GHP participating members. The final data management plan will be approved and distributed by the GHP.
  6. to develop a plan (including resources) to compile those "composite" data sets or CD ROMs approved by the GHP with data contributions from three or more GHP members.

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