WCRP Projects
WCRP - World Climate Research Programme

CliC - Climate and Cryosphere
CLIVAR - Climate Variability and Predictability

GEWEX - Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment
Weather and Climate Focus
CRN - Climate Reference Network
IGOS - International Global Observing Strategy
IPCC - International Panel on Climate Change
NADP - National Atmospheric Deposition Program
NARCCAP - North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program
NARSTO - North American Research Strategy for Tropospheric Ozone
PIRCS - Project to Intercompare Regional Climate Simulations
RISA - Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments
USGCRP - US Global Change Research Program
USWRP - US Weather Research Program
WINCE - Winter Cloud Experiment
WVSS - Water Vapor Sensing System
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Hydrology and Land Focus
AHPS - Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service
BHHS - Black Hills Hydrology Study
CUAHSI - Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science
DMIP - Distributed Model Intercomparison Project
MOPEX - Model Parameter Estimation Experiment
HELP - Hydrology for the Environment, Life and Policy
LDAS - Land Data Assimilation Scheme
NEWS - NASA Energy and Water Cycle
PUBs - Predictions in Ungaged Basins
SAHRA - Sustainability of semi-Arid Hydrology and Riparian Areas
SALSA - Semi-Arid Land-Surface-Atmosphere
USDA/ARS - Experimental Watershed Projects
UMRBPP - Upper Misouri River Basin Pilot Project
Washita Experiments Southern Great Plains (SGP) Soil Moisture Experiments (SMEX)
Carbon/Energy/Ecosystem Focus
ABLE - Argonne Boundary Layer Experiments
ARM - Atmospheric Radiation Measurement
BEARS - Bondville Environmental and Atmospheric Research Site
ChEAS - Chequamegon Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study
CASES - Cooperative Atmospheric-Surface Exchange Study
FLUXNET - Flux Network
GCP - Global Carbon Project
GEBA - Global Energy Balance Archive
IGBP - International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
LTER - Long Term Ecological Research
NIGEC - National Institute for Global Environmental Change
USDA - Ultraviolet Radiation Monitoring Program
USGS - Mississippi Basin Carbon Project
Other Projects
Committee on Earch Observation Satellites (CEOS)
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
United States Geological Survey
US Department of Agriculture
US Forest Service
US Bureau of Reclamation