DC3 Science Team Meeting

February 25-28, 2012
Foothills 2 Auditorium, NCAR, Boulder, Colorado

List of Attendees (Updated 22 Feb 2013)

Monday, February 25, 2013
8:00 FL2 Coffee, tea and snacks. Posters can be set up at this time.
8:30 aud. Welcome and Logistics
8:45 aud. Overview of DC3, Water Vapor Movie (Barth)
9:30 aud. Ground Facilities -- Alabama (Carey)
9:30 aud. Ground Facilities -- Oklahoma (MacGorman)
9:30 aud. Ground Facilities -- Colorado (Rutledge)
10:00   BREAK
10:30 aud. Aircraft Facilities -- DC-8 (Brune)
10:45 aud. Aircraft Facilities -- GV (Cantrell)
11:00 aud. Aircraft Facilities -- Falcon (Huntrieser)
11:15 aud. Intercomparisons Between Aircraft (Cantrell)
11:30 aud. Modeling Tools (Barth)
11:45 aud. Report on Data Management (G. Chen (NASA) and S. Williams (EOL))
12:00 aud. Instructions for Breakout Groups (Barth)
12:15   LUNCH
13:00 atrium Poster Session
Coffee Break
15:00 aud. Overview of Convective Transport Studies (Mullendore)
15:15 aud. Overview of Halogens (Huey)
15:30 aud. Overview of Inverted Lightning Studies, Flash Animation (Bruning)
15:45 FL0-2512
Breakout: Convective Transport
Breakout: Halogens
Breakout: Inverted Lightning
17:00   ADJOURN
17:30 atrium Icebreaker

Posters can be set up before the meeting, during the morning break, or during lunch. The poster session is from 1-3 pm with drinks and snacks available right before we go into plenary to hear the overview talks.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
8:00 FL2 Coffee, tea and snacks.
8:30 aud. Intro of the Day
8:45 aud. Report on Transport
9:00 aud. Report on Inverted Lightning, Flash Animation
9:15 aud. Report on Halogens
9:30 aud. Overview of Scavenging Studies (Fried)
10:00 aud. Overview of Seasonal Transition of the UT Composition, Water Vapor Movie (Cooper)
10:15   BREAK
10:30 FL0-2512
Breakout: Scavenging
Breakout: Seasonal Transition
12:00   LUNCH
13:00 aud. Overview of Lightning NOx Studies (Pickering)
13:30 aud. Overview of Aerosol Studies (Dibb)
14:00 FL2-2512
Breakout: Lightning NOx
Breakout: Aerosols
Open for Others (Dibb)
15:30   BREAK
15:45 aud. Report on Scavenging
16:00 aud. Report on Seasonal Transition
16:15 aud. Overview of Lightning - Storm Parameter Relationships (Lang)
16:30 aud. Overview of Anvil Chemistry (Brune)
16:45 FL2-3107
Breakout: Modeling Tools (emissions, back trajectories
Breakout: Aircraft Issues (intercomparisons, back trajectories
Breakout: Ground Facilities (flash length estimates)
17:30   ADJOURN. Posters should be removed by this time.

Posters should be removed by 4 PM on Tuesday.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
8:00 FL2 Coffee, tea and snacks.
8:30 aud. Intro of the Day
8:45 aud. Report on Lightning
9:00 aud. Report on Aerosols
9:15 FL0-2512
Breakout: Lightning-Storm Parameters
Breakout: Anvil Chemistry
Open for Others
10:45   BREAK
11:00 aud. Overview of Ozone Production (Crawford)
11:30 aud. Overview of Biomass Burning Studies (Weinzerl)
11:45 aud. Overview of UT Dynamics (Pan)
12:00 aud. Overview of Source Characterization Studies (Apel)
12:15   LUNCH
13:30 aud. Other topics being investigated:
  Wennberg [KEY]
14:00 aud. Report on Lighting-Storm Parameters
14:15 aud. Report on Anvil Chemistry
14:30 FL3-3107
Breakout: UT Dynamics
Breakout: Source Characterization
Open for Others
17:15   ADJOURN
Thursday, February 28, 2013
8:00 FL2 Coffee, tea and snacks.
8:30 aud. Intro of the Day
8:45 aud. Report on O3 production 0-24 hours
9:00 aud. Report on Biomass Burning
9:15 aud. Report on UT Dynamics
9:30 aud. Report on Source Characterization
9:45   BREAK
10:15 aud. Discussion and open mic
Example 3-d GV flight track with radar reflectivity,
Example 3-d DC8 flight track with radar reflectivity (Homeyer)
11:15 aud. Summary and Next Steps
12:00   ADJOURN

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