This web site contains the PowerPoint presentation named "Virtual Tour of CEOP Reference Sites" (hereinafter Virtual Tour) consisting of images showing the CEOP reference sites and their surroundings as well as the cultural aspect of the regions where the sites are located. The Virtual Tour was prepared in order to be presented at the CEOP Townhall Meeting that took place during the 5th International Scientific Conference on GEWEX on 23rd of June 2005.

The images included in the presentation (hereinafter images) were provided by CEOP reference site spokespersons and managers or downloaded from specific web sites (hereinafter image providers) as indicated in each slide and listed in the file: Photo_providers.pdf. It is understood that all images of the Virtual Tour shall be used only for scientific studies designed to meet CEOP-WCRP objectives and associated activities such as presentations at scientific meetings and lectures. Commercial use and exploitation of the images is prohibited, unless specific permission has been obtained from the image providers concerned in writing. Also in case of use of images in a printed publication the image providers shall be contacted and asked for specific permission. Presented and published images shall receive proper photo credits. The credit line on or beside each image shall read as specified in each slide of the Virtual Tour.

The images may not be used in any manner that is illegal or damaging to the reputation of the image providers, the CEOP Community and the CEOP project, or any other person's, company's, country's, rights.

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Reference Site Virtual Tour
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To view a slide show of the images from the presentation use the following set of links to view the show from the beginning or to view the images from a particular reference site.

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