CPPA Data Policy

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Resolutions 40 and 25 (adopted by the XII Congress on 26 October 1995) for atmospheric and hydrological data, respectively, comprises the basis for the CPPA data policy and protocol to be adopted and practiced by each of the CPPA affiliated Data Archive Centers:

"As a fundamental principle of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and in consonance with the expanding requirements for its scientific and technical expertise, the WMO commits itself to broadening and enhancing the free and unrestricted international exchange of meteorological and related data and products".

In general, users will have free and open access to all the CPPA data subject to procedures in place at the various distributed data centers involved. Any use of the data (journal articles, presentations, reports, research proposals, etc.) should include an acknowledgment (i.e., citation). In all circumstances, the data sources responsible for acquisition of data/data products should be acknowledged appropriately. If the contribution of the data source is significant to the publication, the data source should be offered the right of co-authorship or collaboration.

The following acknowledgement is suggested: The xxxx data was collected as part of the Climate Prediction Program for the Americas (CPPA) and provided by yyyy. The sponsor of CPPA is the NOAA Climate Program Office (CPO). The data was downloaded from the CPPA Data Archive, which is maintained by NCAR.s Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL) under the sponsorship of NOAA/CPO.

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