Thanks to Julie Lundquist, we now have access to an automated list
run through the University of Colorado. This will become the main mass
communication device for CASES-99 messages here forward (rather than I!).

  Those interested will have to subscribe to the list on their own.
Instructions on how to get on the list and mail the list are included
below (and will also be on the CASES-99 archive at JOSS and the CASES-99
web page at CoRA).

  I've included a list of those already on this list at the bottom of this


For users to subscribe themselves to this list, they will address messages
listproc@lists.Colorado.EDU with the contents of their message being
(the '<' '>' symbols should not be included, those symbols denote that
they should substitute their personal information there):

        subscribe cases99-list 

They will then receive a confirmation email with more information on
how the list works. To send an email out to the whole group, a subscriber
sends the message to


***  cases99-list@lists.Colorado.EDU: "CASES 99 researchers"
***  Date created: Tue Mar 21 13:55:19 2000

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