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Monday, 11 April 2005
09:00 BAMEX Bow-Echoes That Did Not Produce Damaging Surface Winds: Common Characteristics Dave Jorgensen, National Severe Storms Laboratory
09:25 The Omaha Bow Echo on 5-6 July 2003 Roger Wakimoto, UCLA
09:50 The Genesis of Mesovortices within the 10 June St. Louis Bow Echo Event during BAMEX: Preliminary WRF Simulation Results Nolan Atkins, Lyndon State College
10:15 Break  
10:45 BAMEX Airborne Dual-Doppler Back-trajectory Study of "Up-Down" Downdrafts William Cotton, William Straka III, and Ray McAnelly, Colorado State University
11:10 MIPS Observations of the 24 June Bow Echo Case Dustin Phillips and Kevin Knupp, University of Alabama in Huntsville
11:35 Bow Echoes During BAMEX: Assessing Transitions in Surface Wind Damage Michael Kruk, Robert Rauber, Greg McFarquhar, and Brian Jewett, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Robert Trapp, Purdue University
12:00 A Word of Caution on the Use of Severe Wind Reports in Post-Event Assessment and Research Robert Trapp, Purdue University; Nolan Atkins, Lyndon State College; Ronald Przybylinski and Ray Wolf, NOAA/NWS
12:25 Lunch  
14:00 Structure and Evolution of an Intense Squall Line with Trailing Stratiform Precipitation Justin Walters, University of Alabama
14:25 An Update on Analysis of Spiral Microphysical Data Collected During BAMEX Greg McFarquhar, Mike Timlin, Robert Rauber, Brian Jewett, Joe Grim, and Andrea Smith, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
14:50 Quad-Doppler and Microphysical Observations of the 29 June 2003 MCS Joseph Grim, Robert Rauber, Greg McFarquhar, Michael Timlin, Brian Jewett, and Andrea Smith, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
15:15 Radar Observations on the Structure of the Trailing Stratiform Region: Relationship to Microphysics Andrea Smith, Robert Rauber, Greg McFarqauhar, and Brian Jewett University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
15:40 Break  
16:00 Investigation of the BAMEX IOP 10 MCS with Parallel Stratiform Precipitation Eve Halligan and Matthew Parker, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
16:25 Investigation of the BAMEX IOP 3 MCS with Leading Stratiform Precipitation Brandon Storm and Matthew Parker, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
16:50 MIPS Observations of a Heat Burst Event Kevin Knupp and Justin Walters, University of Alabama in Huntsville
17:15 Adjourn for the Day  
Tuesday, 12 April 2005
08:30 BAMEX Data Update Steve Williams, UCAR/JOSS
08:30 Composite Thermodynamic Structure of Bow Echoes and MCVs Observed During BAMEX Dave Ahijevych, NCAR
08:55 Observations of cold pools in convective systems during BAMEX George Bryan, David Ahijevych, Christopher Davis, and Morris Weisman, NCAR
09:20 Diagnosis of Convection Initiation in IOP 17 (July 4, 2003) Chris Davis, NCAR; Kevin Knupp and Justin Walters, University of Alabama, Huntsville
09:45 Multi-scale Evolution of the Long-lived MCV of 11-13 June 2003 Tom Galarneau and Lance Bosart, University at Albany/SUNY
10:10 Break  
10:35 The Influence of the Great Lakes on Warm Season Mesoscale Convective Systems Lance Bosart and Tom Galarneau, The University at Albany/SUNY
11:00 Mesoscale convective vortices observed during BAMEX, Part I: Kinematic and thermodynamic structure Christopher Davis and Stan Trier, NCAR
11:25 Mesoscale Vertical Motion within BAMEX MCVs Stan Trier and Chris Davis, NCAR
11:50 Observations, Dynamics and Predictability of the MCV Event of 10-13 June 2003 (BAMEX IOP 8) Dan Hawblitzel, Fuqing Zhang, and Zhiyong Meng, Texas A&M University
12:15 Lunch  
13:30 Diabatic Foundation of Mesoscale Vortices in Shear Michael Montgomery, Colorado State University; Richard Moore (ETH, Zurich); Chris Davis, NCAR; Robert Conzemius, University of Oklahoma
13:55 Challenges in Forecasting and Nowcasting MCSs during BAMEX Ronald Przybylinski, NOAA/NWS
14:20 Preliminary Results of Real-Case Simulations of Two BAMEX Events Dustan Wheatley and Robert Trapp, Purdue University
14:45 Propagating Nocturnal Convection within a 7-Day WRF-Model Simulation Stan Trier and Chris Davis, NCAR
15:10 Workshop Ends  

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