AMMA-US endorsed as US CLIVAR Process Study
Bob Molinari attended the US CLIVAR summit to present the AMMA program to the Process Study Panel of the US program. The power point presentation is available here. Primarily because of it's large and supported field program, modeling plans and data management plans the Process Study Panel voted to endorse US AMMA as a US CLIVAR Process Study. This endorsement has several advantages for AMMA primarily in the area of information exchange. For instance, US CLIVAR includes a group considering 'Biases in tropical ocean numerical models', an important topic for AMMA ocean modelers. We will now be informed of meetings of this group and hopefully AMMA modelers will attend. In addition, US CLIVAR has endorsed several other process studies including EPIC, an eastern Pacific experiment with similar objectives to AMMA. The field phase of EPIC is now completed. However, EPIC and other CLIVAR process studies are discussed at least once per year at the Summit and AMMA participants can learn valuable lessons from descriptions of these other activities. Thus, by being an approved CLIVAR Process Study and interacting with other CLIVAR Process Study investigators, US AMMA can acquire valuable information to apply towards meeting AMMA objectives.