Tentative Plan of Taiwan for ACE-Asia


  1. Scientific Tasks



Surface measurements




Airborne measurements








Site Operation









In addition, a parallel study of radiative properties is conducted in Taipei. This will be included in our proposal for ACE-Asia. Possibly, these instruments will be relocated to one of our ACE-Asia sites in 2001.

3. Scientific Team


Academia Sinica of Taiwan

Prof. Shaw Liu: ozone chemistry, atmospheric chemistry modeling

Dr. T.-Y. Chen: CFCs and HCs sampling and analysis


National Taiwan University

Prof. C. M. Liu : radiation

Prof. J. P. Chen: modeling aerosol and cloud physics/chemistry

Prof. P. H. Lin: meteorological observations, including radiation

Prof. F. J. Lin: marine aerosol chemistry


National Central University

Prof. N. H. Lin: acid deposition and cloud measurement/modeling

Prof. C. T. Lee: aerosol chemistry and optical measurement

Prof. J. L. Wang: trace gas measurement


National Sun Yat-sen University

Prof. C.-S. Yuan: aerosol chemistry


National Chung Hsing University

Prof. M. T. Cheng: aerosol chemical composition and visibility


Chung Shan Medical & Dental College

Prof. S. C. Long: analytical chemistry


Central Weather Bureau:

Dr. H. W. Chang: Lan-Yu baseline station


Contact person:

Prof. N.-H. (George) Lin

Department of Atmospheric Sciences,

National Central University,

Chung-Li, TAIWAN

Tel&Fax: +886-3-4254069 E-mail: nhlin@rainbow.atm.ncu.edu.tw