VORTEX95: Links to other information sources

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The NCAR EOL Web Server is only one source of VORTEX95 information. VORTEX95 was conducted largely by NOAA/NSSL, NCAR, UCLA, and the University of Oklahoma. Each of these groups maintains different components of project information, and should be consulted for details of data and information availability. In addition, UCAR's Joint Office for Science Support(JOSS) has been contracted to provide databasing services.


The above list is incomplete, and will be updated, as possible. If you have stumbled across this page and wish to have information from your group placed here, please contact the responsible party for this page (name provided, below). Sources are listed both with and without explicit permission -- changes will be made to accommodate concerns, as necessary. Links from this page will not be reviewed regularly, and no responsibility can be taken for those sites that discontinue service or change server access.

This information prepared by Bob Rilling, NCAR Research Data Program