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NSF Facilities Assessment

by kcraig last modified 2009-09-10 13:55

The NSF Facilities Assessment was charged with reviewing atmospheric science instrumentation across the community.   It was undertaken in order to create an information catalog and description of instruments, systems, and facilities that are useful for research in the atmospheric and related sciences. The Assessment looks at facilities across government agencies, universities, national laboratories, international organizations, and private companies, and includes systems under development. 

The final report and the attendant database are expected to serve research and educational needs for years to come through regular updates and continuing attention to quality control.  An additional goal is that the information on unmet observational needs will assist in long range planning for the development of next generation instruments and facilities.


The NSF Facilities Assessment has completed its final report and launched the database.  Phase II of the Assessment will now commence with the formation of an Editorial Board to oversee the continuing activities of the Assessment. The Board will evaluate broad topics and will suggest processes which NSF may use to form future facilities’ plans. The Board will also provide guidance on improving the quality control, currency of information and comprehensiveness (including the international component) of the database.

Please use the links in the left hand menu to browse various documents related to the Assessment, or click the tab at the top to go directly to the database.