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About These Data

The acronym CLASS refers to an atmospheric balloon sounding system developed by NCAR's Surface and Sounding Systems Facility (SSSF). Balloon positioning relies upon Cross-chain LORAN navigation, giving highly accurate differential "fixes", and therefore, accurate winds. This Cross-chain LORAN Atmospheric Sounding System (CLASS) has been in use by NSF researchers since 1986.

Tapes and Time Periods Available

The following tapes for the indicated projects are available. All data are packaged in UNIX "tar" files on 8-mm tape, or may be made available for ftp as compressed UNIX tar files. Individual data files within the tar sets are simple ASCII files. Tape information files should be consulted to determine if specific data actually exist (click on the tape number to view the summary file; click here for general information about the contents of the summary files). When requesting data, please refer to this RDP tape number.

This list will be updated on an irregular basis, as additional tapes become available.

Q15000   GALE86      10-Jan  1986  15-Mar  1986   
Q15001   WISP91      16-Jan  1991  30-Mar  1991   
Q15002   CaPE        08-Jul  1991  18-Aug  1991   
Q15003   FIRE        07-Nov  1991  07-Dec  1991   
Q15004   STORMFEST   13-Jan  1992  15-Mar  1992   
Q15005   ASTEX       19-May  1992  28-Jun  1992   
Q15006   ROSE_II     09-Jun  1992  04-Jul  1992   
Q15007   RAPS92      15-Jun  1992  21-Aug  1992   
Q15008   SOS         27-Jul  1992  27-Aug  1992   
Q15009   TRACEA      21-Sep  1992  24-Oct  1992   
Q15010   TOGA-COARE  01-Jul  1992  30-Jun  1993   
Q15011   RAPS93      01-Jun  1993  31-Aug  1993   
Q15012   NDTE        22-Jun  1993  30-Jul  1993   
Q15013   WISP94      25-Jan  1994  25-Mar  1994   

This information prepared by Bob Rilling, NCAR Research Data Program

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