Parameters Available from S-Pol

S-Pol REFRACTT06, Marshall Field Site, Colorado
June - August 2006

Within the reprocessed data set:

The re-configured S-Pol system is sometimes referred to as S-PolKa, an
indication of the Ka-band system added to the radar.

S-band is 2809 MHz, 10.68 cm
Ka-band is approx 35 MHz, 8 mm

CDBZ      dBZ    S-band coherent reflectivity
DBZ       dBZ    S-band reflectivity
DL        dBm    S-band Vertical received power (co-polar: V-tx, V-rec)
DM        dBm    S-band Horizontal received power (co-polar: H-tx, H-rec)
DW        dBm    S-band cross-polar received power (V-tx, H-rec or HV)
DX        dBm    S-band cross-polar received power (H-tx, V-rec or VH)
DY        dBZ    S-band co-polar reflectivity (V-tx, V-rec or VV)
LDR       dB     S-band depolarization ratio (H-tx, V-rec, or VH)
LVDR      dB     S-band depolarization ratio (V-tx, H-rec, or HV)

NCP       none   S-band normalized coherent power (HH)
NCP_HH_K  none   Ka-band normalized coherent power (HH)
PHIDP     deg    S-band differential phase
P_HH_K    dBm    Ka-band co-polar received power (H-tx, H-rec or HH)
P_VH_K    dBm    Ka-band cross-polar received power (H-tx, V-rec or VH)
RHOHV     none   S-band Correlation coefficient between HH, VV
RHO_VH_K  none   Ka-band Correlation coefficient between HH, VV
SW        m/s    S-band co-polar spectrum width (computed from both SW_HH and SW_VV)
SW_HH_K   m/s    Ka-band co-polar spectrum width (HH)
TH_VH_K   deg    Ka-band differential phase (PHIDP of Ka) (not yet evaluated for utility)
VR        m/s    S-band co-polar radial velocity (computed from both V_HH and V_VV
                   using the CSU algorithms)
V_HH_K    m/s    Ka-band co-polar radial velocity (HH)
ZDR       dB     S-band differential reflectivity (DBZ_HH - DBZ_VV)
ZDR_VH_K  dB     Ka-band differential reflectivity (45 deg Tx, H and V rec)
Z_HH_K    dB     Ka-band co-polar reflectivity (HH)
NIQ       dB     Average magnitude of backscatter pwr, HH
AIQ       deg    Average phase of backscattered power (HH)
                   AIQ is used in the Fabry refractive index
                   work for the determination of virtual temp

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