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PROPHET 2001 Field Project

The PROPHET project is operating a single ISS at the University of Michigan Biological Station near Pellston, Michigan. Operations begin around July 1, 2001. An ISS was also deployed there last year during the same time. For last year's web pages and images, see the PROPHET 2000 project web pages.

For details on the project and plot products, see below.

Plot Summaries

Plot Directories

Profiler Wind Plots
RASS Plots
Profiler Moments Plots (SOAP)
Surface Met Plots
Surface Wind Plots
Surface Radiation Plots
Sounding Plots
Integrated Sounding System Plots
SOAP Images
NIMA Winds
NIMA Moments
NIMA Plots

There are plot summaries for several of the categories of realtime plots. Each summary is a table of thumbnail images of all of the plots on the website for that category.

These are links to entire directories of plot images. The ISS plot directories are subdivided into directories by days.

Site Log

The site log file (from the TKLOG program developed at ATD) is being received from the site and converted to HTML:


Currently the ISS at UMBS transfers data to ATD every 6 hours, just after 4, 10, 16, and 22 UTC. Plot images of 12-hour periods for profiler winds, RASS temperatures, surface measurements, and GLASS soundings are grouped by day, and each day of plots resides in its own subdirectory. The profiler radar generates wind and temperature consensus profiles every half-hour. Surface measurements are recorded every minute, and skew-t plots of GLASS naturally only appear when soundings have been launched.

Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and moments, along with other parameters, are being recorded about every minute from the radar PC serial port. Plots of these data are called SOAP (Serial Output ...) images.

New for this project, each day's spectra data are being reprocessed with the NCAR Improved Moments Algorithm (NIMA). The processing takes place just after 0 GMT, so plots of the NIMA output and some of the data files appear in the 4:00 GMT transfer.

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