OASIS00 Variables in merged NCAR/OKMN Netcdf files

All variables shown below have dimension  time(1-288) X station(1-20).  Stations 1-9 are NCAR stations.  11-19 are Oklahoma Mesonet. NCAR station N is co-located with OKMN station N+10. Stations 10 and 20 are imaginary.  A "supersite" is an Oklahoma Mesonet site that does eddy-correlation (i.e. has a sonic anemometer), and has a 4 component radiometer.

All variables are floats except counts_sync and counts_sonic, which are integer.  The missing data value (known as the _FillValue attribute) is always 1.e+37 for float variables.  Therefore, if a station is not reporting a given variable, all values should be 1.e+37.

The variable names shown below are the value of the "short_name" attribute.  Since NetCDF variable names should not contain periods or quote marks, the actual NetCDF variable name will be the short_name, with underscores substituted for periods and quotes.

For  more information on variable names, see the  ISFF Variable Name Convention .

The OKMN derivations are the operations performed on the Oklahoma Mesonet NetCDF variables before inserting them into the merged Netcdf files. Calibration parameters are shown in italics.

OKMN derivation units stations description
P pres + 700 mb 1-9,11-19 barometric pressure
Tslow tair degC 11-19 slow response air temp at 1.5m
T.1.5m ta15 degC 1-9,11-19 air temp at 1.5m
T.9m ta9m degC 11-19 air temp at 9m
RH relh % 1-9,11-19 relative humidity
U.10m -wvec*sin(wdir) m/s 1-9,11-19 10 m wind
V.10m -wvec*cos(wdir) m/s 1-9,11-19 10m wind
Spdmax.10m wmax m/s 1-9,11-19 10m max wind speed
Spd.2m ws2m m/s 11-19 2m wind speed, RMY cup
Spd.9m ws9m m/s 11-19 9m wind speed, RMY cup
Rpile.in cglwin W/m^2 supersites CNR1 incoming longwave
Tcase.in ctempt degC supersites CNR1 top body temp
Rpile.out cglwou W/m^2 supersites CNR1 outgoing longwave
Tcase.out ctempb degC supersites CNR1 bottom body temp
Rsw.in cmswin W/m^2 supersites CNR1 incoming shortwave
Rsw.out cmswou W/m^2 supersites CNR1 outgoing shortwave
Rnet rnet/70*1000/fcal*o+b
W/m^2 11-19 net radiation, NR-Lite
rainr (rtip[i]-rtip[i-1])/300*3600*.254 mm/hr 11-19 rain rate
Gsoil.5cm hf5/40*cal * thermal conductivity ratio W/m^2 11-19 soil heat flux at 5cm (average of a & b)
Tsoil.5cm m0+m1*prt+m2*prt^2 degC 11-19 soil temp at 5 cm (average of a & b)
G Gsoil.5cm + storage(st05,ft05,Tsoil.5cm) W/m^2 11-19 surface heat flux
u csatx m/s 1-9,supersites sonic mean u wind at 4.5m, in sonic coordinates
v csaty m/s 1-9,supersites  sonic mean v component
w csatz m/s 1-9,supersites  sonic mean w
tc avgson degC 1-9,supersites virtual temperature
h2o (avglnk/krycal)+45 g/m^3 1-9,supersites water vapor density from Krypton sensor
u'u' varwsx (m/s)^2 1-9,supersites sonic u variance
u'v' covxuy (m/s)^2 1-9,supersites sonic u v covariance
u'w' covzux (m/s)^2 1-9,supersites sonic u w covariance
u'tc' covxst m/s degC 1-9,supersites sonic u tc 
u'h2o' covxln/krycal m/s g/m^3 1-9,supersites  
v'v' varwsy (m/s)^2 1-9,supersites sonic v variance
v'w' covzuy (m/s)^2 1-9,supersites  
v'tc' covyst m/s degC 1-9,supersites  
v'h2o' covyln/krycal m/s g/m^3 1-9,supersites  
w'w' varwsz (m/s)^2 1-9,supersites sonic w variance
w'tc' covzst m/s degC 1-9,supersites  
w'h2o' covzln/krycal m/s g/m^3 1-9,supersites  
tc'tc' varson degC^2 1-9,supersites sonic tc variance
h2o'h2o' varlnk/(krycal^2) (g/m^3)^2 1-9,supersites water vapor density variance
counts_sync nmccov count 1-9,supersites number of points in eddy-corr statistics
usamples   count  1-9 # of good 200Hz pulse samples
in 10Hz sonic sample (20=good)
vsamples   count 1-9  
wsamples   count 1-9  
counts_sonic   count 1-9 number of sonic samples
freq.sonic   Hz 1-9 sonic reporting frequency
uflag   count 1-9 number of detected spikes in u
vflag   count 1-9 number of detected spikes in v
wflag   count 1-9 number of detected spikes in w
tcflag   count 1-9 number of detected spikes in tc
chksumOK   none 1-6 1/0=GOES message passes/fails checksum test
Tbox.eve   degC 1-6 electronics temp
vdc.batt   V 1-6 battery voltage
i.batt   amp 1-6 charging current
i.load   amp 1-6 load current
Tbatt   degC 1-6 battery case temp
ClockError.GOES   sec 1-6 actual-expected packet receipt time
(should be < 10)
Signal.GOES   dbm 1-6 Signal strength received at GOES 
FreqOffset.GOES   Hz 1-6 Offset from GOES center freq
Channel.GOES     1-6 Channel number (+=GOES East)
MsgStatus.GOES     1-6 0=OK