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8 Fri 16-Aug-2002Changed freewave frequency keystn1_westmaclean
5 Fri 16-Aug-2002Freewave configallmilitzer

8: Communications, Site stn1_west, Fri 16-Aug-2002 19:11:26 MDT, Changed freewave frequency key

Before I figured out why we were getting so many serial errors 
(see entry 6), I assumed the problem was with the RF communications.

I changed the frequency key from F to the following values on
the master radios:

stn1  ttyUSB0  571-2101  freq_key=0
stn3  ttyUSB1  571-2095  freq_key=1

5: Communications, Site all, Fri 16-Aug-2002 18:45:12 MDT, Freewave config
Copied from an email from John:
 The RF seems less than optimal but the cockpits
didn't appear to be losing anything.  Time will tell.
The connects look like this:
Stn1 West:
  FW2105 (slave@pam) - ~9m antenna 64-degreesTrue - FW2101 (master@base) - usb0
  uses lower antenna (short/thin cable) at base
Stn3 East:
  FW2088 (slave@pam) - ~9m antenna 47-degreesTrue - FW2095 (master@base) - usb1
  uses upper antenna (long/thick cable) at base
The upper base antenna could be raised quite a bit, but the lower not.
Otherwise we could go with the 2.4 FWs which could work better in the cluttered
treeish conditions, but they'd require some programming and other antennas.

NOTE: We need another Freewave to USB de9/m-f PC cable to
replace the one I borrowed from Andy.