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165 Fri 06-Aug-2004Power Outage at 12z launch!ISS3 (Bahia Kino)Jennifer
160 Thu 05-Aug-2004Power Outage!ISS3 (Bahia Kino)Jennifer
112 Mon 26-Jul-2004Power Outage!ISS3 (Bahia Kino)Brad
67 Fri 16-Jul-2004Power Outage!ISS3 (Bahia Kino)Brad

165: IMPORTANT IMPORTANT, Site ISS3 (Bahia Kino), Fri 06-Aug-2004 11:06:25 GMT, Power Outage at 12z launch!
Short power outage this morning at 12z launch from storm. We had to restart the sounding system and bypass the clary as it started beeping at the very start of launch before we let the balloon go. We aborted the sonding, restarted the system without the clary and everything seems fine.

160: IMPORTANT IMPORTANT, Site ISS3 (Bahia Kino), Thu 05-Aug-2004 16:51:52 GMT, Power Outage!
Power outage this morning from 6:00 am to 9:30 am. All system shut down before outage and all started up successfully.

112: IMPORTANT IMPORTANT, Site ISS3 (Bahia Kino), Mon 26-Jul-2004 11:24:48 GMT, Power Outage!
Power outages last night throughout Kino. When we got in this morning the Clary was beeping. We turned it off and then the receiver and sounding system would not turn back on. We called Lou and he advised us to remove the Clary from the system and plug the sounding system and receiver directly into the beige box with red light. Sounding system started up successfully.

Voltage: 138.4

67: IMPORTANT IMPORTANT, Site ISS3 (Bahia Kino), Fri 16-Jul-2004 00:11:22 GMT, Power Outage!
For our 0z launch on July 16th we launched on time.  However, at approximately 750mb we had a power failure and lost everything.  At the Dictus site they are in the process of installing new power lines and we were given no heads up as to this outage.  It is currently 0015z (5:15 local) and we have half an hour to get off the balloon.  We talked with the electricians and it seems as though this may happen again as they are here working until 6:30 local time.  Tomorrow they plan on switching all electricity lines in the morning.  It seems that we will still be able to execute our launches as we are here from 3:30 to about 6:30 and they plan to begin at 8:00.  Our question has to do with the possibility of powering down equipment tomorrow due to the power outage.  We don't know how long it will last but will try to find out.  Our cell phone wasn't cooperating for a while and we were unable to contact the roving team, Los Mochis, or Puerto Penasco.  Lindsey at the Loreto site is working on finding someone to help us out.  As of now we have decided not to risk another launch incase of another power failure and we will wait to hear something different.  We are at the site and this is the best form of communication that we have at the current time.