ISS Page for ISPA 2007

Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Jan - Feb, 2007

NCAR / EOL is deploying an Integrated Sounding System ISS to the Inhibition of Snowfall by Pollution Aerosols (ISPA) project in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The project is being carried out for the Desert Research Institute's Storm Peak Laboratory (SPL) on Mount Werner. The project PI is Dr. Randy Borys of the SPL. The ISS will consist of a UHF boundary layer wind profiler with RASS, radiosonde sounding system, and surface meteorology tower near the base of Mount Werner. The wind profiler being used for ISPA is MAPR, an advanced radar capable of making very rapid wind measurements and continuous snow observations.

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ISS Group Leader: Bill Brown, Email: wbrown at ucar.edu
Data Issues: Gary Granger Email: granger at ucar.edu
The address of this page is http://www.eol.ucar.edu/rtf/projects/ispa2007/