Periods of Vertical Pointing

S-Pol IHOP_2002, Oklahoma Panhandle
May/Jun 2002

Aperiodically, the S-Pol radar is pointed vertically for purposes of data quality control. Vertical pointing allows estimation of any bias in Zdr, and provides insight to the correctness of other radar parameters.

The following is a tabulation of all periods of vertical pointing for S-pol during IHOP_2002. Opportunities for vertical pointing were very limited due to the lack of precip, or the intensity of the precip when it did occur. On one or two occassions, vertical pointing mode was selected during clear air events, in order to characterize sidelobe effects during vertical pointing.

09-May-2002    15:26 to 15:28  UTC
10-May-2002    16:08 to 17:40  Miscellaneous testing
11-May-2002    23:47 to 23:49
12-May-2002    00:20 to 00:23
24-May-2002    00:51 to 00:55
24-May-2002    01:21 to 01:27 
26-May-2002    23:46 to 23:52
27-May-2002    13:53 to 14:01
15-Jun-2002    23:44 to 23:55
20-Jun-2002    16:41 to 16:49
21-Jun-2002    10:45 to 10:54
The scanlists may be consulted to determine actual behaviour of the antenna during these scans.

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