Low-Level Beam Blockage

S-Pol IHOP_2002, Oklahoma Panhandle
May/Jun 2002

Beam blockage was minimal for S-Pol during IHOP, even at the lowest elevation angles. Partial beam blockage was evident only in the 0.0° SUR tilt. Blockage was likely due to grain silos and farm buildings located within several kilometers of the radar. Correlations may be done between panoramic images and the radar imagery, as shown below.

In the image below, partial beam blockage gives a "spokey" effect to the reflectivity data, while barely interrupting the continuous nature of the velocity field. Partial blockage is evident in reflectivity at approximately 9°, 28°, 88°, 155°, 226°, 307°, and several other azimuths.

--- Bob Rilling --- / NCAR Atmospheric Technology Division
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