Parameters Available from S-Pol

S-Pol IHOP_2002, Oklahoma Panhandle
May/Jun 2002

Within the final, distribution data set:

 VE    m/sec  Doppler radial velocity
 DM    dBm    Horizontal copolar received power (HH)
 NCP   none   Normalized coherent power (H)
 SW    m/s    Spectrum width of VE
 DZ    dBZ    Horizontal copolar reflectivity (HH)
 DCZ   dBZ    Coherent reflectivity (HH)
 LVDR  dB     Linear depolarization ratio (V tx, H rec)
 NIQ   dB     Average magnitude of backscatter pwr, VV
 AIQ   deg    Average phase of backscattered power (HH)
              AIQ is used in the Fabry refractive index
              work for the determination of virtual temp
 CH    none   Magnitude of cross correlation, HH and VH
 AH    deg    Angle of the cross correlation, HH and VH
 CV    none   Magnitude of cross correlation, VV and HV
 AV    deg    Angle of the cross correlation, VV and HV
 RHOHV none   Correlation coefficient between HH, VV
 LDR   dB     Linear depolarization ratio (Htx, Vrec)
 DL    dBm    Vertical copolar received power (VV)
 DX    dBm    Cross-polar (H tx, V rec) received pwr;
               used primarily to threshold LDR
 ZDR   dB     Differential reflectivity, HH - VV
 PHI   deg    Differential propagation phase bet HH, VV
 KDP   deg/km Specific diff propagation phase (HH, VV)

    For a description of the DORADE format, see:

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