Periods of Operation

S-Pol IHOP_2002, Oklahoma Panhandle
May/Jun 2002

S-Pol operated nearly continuously for IHOP_2002. The period of continuous operation was 14:50 UTC 13-May-2002 through 13:45 UTC 26-Jun-2002. Operations were 24/7 for this period, with the exception of the brief outages noted in the table, below.

Additionally, S-Pol collected data for significant periods on 9, 10, 11 May 2002, with some of those time periods corresponding to times of both severe weather and dryline formation. See the scan listings for details of those time periods.

During operations, a fairly standardized set of scans were repeated. The scan sequence included six full 360° sweeps at elevations between 0.0° and 4.0°. The 0.0° sweep used a low number of samples per beam, and was designed specifically for Fabry refractivity purposes. Higher-tilt scans typically used between 110 and 140 samples per beam. Beam spacing was on the order of 0.8° to 1.1° per beam.

Periods of Known Interruptions in Data Collection

	17-May-02 21:06  thru  17-May-02 22:13   Down for planned maintenance
	20-May-02 14:04  thru  20-May-02 14:24
	25-May-02 14:25  thru  25-May-02 15:05
	28-May-02 14:32  thru  28-May-02 17:16   RDA1 failure; RDA2 recording OK.
	02-Jun-02 13:22  thru  02-Jun-02 13:59   Lost transmitter driver; paused tapes.
	04-Jun-02 22:20  thru  04-Jun-02 22:51	 Shut radar down to change waveguide rotary switch
	13-Jun-02 18:19  thru  13-Jun-02 21:05   performing noise and solar calibrations
	16-Jun-02 13:22	 thru  16-Jun-02 15:08   tape ran out overnight (samples/beam too 
						      few, so too many beams)
	18-Jun-02 14:31  thru  18-Jun-02 14:46	 unintended pause during calibration scans
	24-Jun-02 19:52  thru  24-Jun-02 20:42	 Data Acquisition systems both crashed.

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