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SGS00 Table of Variables

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Variable Name Description Units Dimension Sensor Notes
base_timeSeconds since
1970 Jan 1 00:00 GMT
timeSeconds since base_timesecondstime  
PBarometric Pressurembtime  
RH.10mRel. Humidity%time  
RH.1mRel. Humidity%time  
RH.2mRel. Humidity%time  
RH.4mRel. Humidity%time  
RH.7mRel. Humidity%time  
T.10mAir TempdegCtime  
T.1mAir TempdegCtime  
T.2mAir TempdegCtime  
T.4mAir TempdegCtime  
T.7mAir TempdegCtime  
Tbox.cosmosElectronics TempdegCtime  
Tbox.daisyElectronics TempdegCtime  
U.10mEastward Windm/stime  
U.1mEastward Windm/stime  
U.2mEastward Windm/stime  
U.4mEastward Windm/stime  
U.7mEastward Windm/stime  
V.10mNorthward Windm/stime  
V.1mNorthward Windm/stime  
V.2mNorthward Windm/stime  
V.4mNorthward Windm/stime  
V.7mNorthward Windm/stime  
diag.d0.3m  time  
diag.d1.3m  time  
diag.d2.3m  time  
diag.d3.3m  time  
diag.d4.3m  time  
diag.d5.3m  time  
diag.d6.3m  time  
diag.d7.3m  time  
diag.d8.3m  time  
diag.d9.3m  time  
diag.s0.6m  time  
diag.s1.6m  time  
diag.s2.6m  time  
diag.s3.6m  time  
diag.s4.6m  time  
diag.s5.6m  time  
h2o'h2o'.a.3mh2o variance(g/m^3)^2time  
h2o.a.3mWater Vapor Densityg/m^3time  
tc'tc'.a.3mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.a.6mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.b.3mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.b.6mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.d0.3mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.d1.3mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.d2.3mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.d3.3mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.d4.3mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.d5.3mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.d6.3mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.d7.3mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.d8.3mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.d9.3mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.s0.6mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.s1.6mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.s2.6mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.s3.6mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.s4.6mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.s5.6mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc.a.3mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.a.6mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.b.3mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.b.6mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.d0.3mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.d1.3mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.d2.3mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.d3.3mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.d4.3mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.d5.3mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.d6.3mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.d7.3mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.d8.3mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.d9.3mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.s0.6mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.s1.6mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.s2.6mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.s3.6mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.s4.6mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.s5.6mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tcflag.a.3mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.a.6mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.b.3mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.b.6mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.d0.3mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.d1.3mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.d2.3mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.d3.3mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.d4.3mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.d5.3mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.d6.3mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.d7.3mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.d8.3mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.d9.3mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.s0.6mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.s1.6mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.s2.6mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.s3.6mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.s4.6mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.s5.6mSpike fract for tc time  
u'h2o'.a.3mu h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
u'tc'.a.3mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.a.6mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.b.3mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.b.6mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.d0.3mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.d1.3mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.d2.3mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.d3.3mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.d4.3mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.d5.3mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.d6.3mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.d7.3mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.d8.3mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.d9.3mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.s0.6mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.s1.6mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.s2.6mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.s3.6mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.s4.6mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.s5.6mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'u'.a.3mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.a.6mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.b.3mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.b.6mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.d0.3mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.d1.3mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.d2.3mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.d3.3mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.d4.3mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.d5.3mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.d6.3mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.d7.3mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.d8.3mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.d9.3mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.s0.6mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.s1.6mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.s2.6mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.s3.6mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.s4.6mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.s5.6mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.a.3mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.a.6mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.b.3mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.b.6mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.d0.3mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.d1.3mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.d2.3mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.d3.3mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.d4.3mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.d5.3mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.d6.3mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.d7.3mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.d8.3mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.d9.3mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.s0.6mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.s1.6mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.s2.6mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.s3.6mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.s4.6mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.s5.6mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.a.3mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.a.6mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.b.3mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.b.6mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.d0.3mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.d1.3mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.d2.3mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.d3.3mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.d4.3mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.d5.3mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.d6.3mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.d7.3mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.d8.3mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.d9.3mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.s0.6mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.s1.6mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.s2.6mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.s3.6mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.s4.6mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.s5.6mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u.a.3mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.a.6mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.b.3mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.b.6mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.d0.3mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.d1.3mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.d2.3mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.d3.3mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.d4.3mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.d5.3mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.d6.3mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.d7.3mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.d8.3mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.d9.3mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.s0.6mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.s1.6mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.s2.6mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.s3.6mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.s4.6mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.s5.6mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
uflag.a.3mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.a.6mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.b.3mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.b.6mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.d0.3mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.d1.3mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.d2.3mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.d3.3mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.d4.3mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.d5.3mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.d6.3mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.d7.3mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.d8.3mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.d9.3mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.s0.6mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.s1.6mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.s2.6mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.s3.6mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.s4.6mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.s5.6mSpike fract for u time  
usamples.a.3m# of samples averaged time  
usamples.a.6m# of samples averaged time  
usamples.b.3m# of samples averaged time  
usamples.b.6m# of samples averaged time  
v'h2o'.a.3mv h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
v'tc'.a.3mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.a.6mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.b.3mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.b.6mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.d0.3mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.d1.3mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.d2.3mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.d3.3mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.d4.3mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.d5.3mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.d6.3mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.d7.3mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.d8.3mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.d9.3mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.s0.6mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.s1.6mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.s2.6mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.s3.6mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.s4.6mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.s5.6mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'v'.a.3mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.a.6mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.b.3mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.b.6mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.d0.3mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.d1.3mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.d2.3mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.d3.3mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.d4.3mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.d5.3mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.d6.3mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.d7.3mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.d8.3mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.d9.3mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.s0.6mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.s1.6mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.s2.6mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.s3.6mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.s4.6mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.s5.6mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.a.3mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.a.6mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.b.3mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.b.6mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.d0.3mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.d1.3mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.d2.3mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.d3.3mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.d4.3mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.d5.3mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.d6.3mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.d7.3mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.d8.3mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.d9.3mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.s0.6mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.s1.6mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.s2.6mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.s3.6mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.s4.6mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.s5.6mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v.a.3mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.a.6mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.b.3mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.b.6mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.d0.3mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.d1.3mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.d2.3mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.d3.3mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.d4.3mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.d5.3mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.d6.3mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.d7.3mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.d8.3mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.d9.3mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.s0.6mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.s1.6mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.s2.6mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.s3.6mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.s4.6mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.s5.6mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
vflag.a.3mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.a.6mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.b.3mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.b.6mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.d0.3mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.d1.3mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.d2.3mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.d3.3mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.d4.3mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.d5.3mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.d6.3mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.d7.3mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.d8.3mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.d9.3mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.s0.6mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.s1.6mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.s2.6mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.s3.6mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.s4.6mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.s5.6mSpike fract for v time  
vsamples.a.3m# of samples averaged time  
vsamples.a.6m# of samples averaged time  
vsamples.b.3m# of samples averaged time  
vsamples.b.6m# of samples averaged time  
w'h2o'.a.3mw h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
w'tc'.a.3mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.a.6mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.b.3mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.b.6mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.d0.3mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.d1.3mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.d2.3mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.d3.3mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.d4.3mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.d5.3mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.d6.3mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.d7.3mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.d8.3mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.d9.3mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.s0.6mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.s1.6mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.s2.6mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.s3.6mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.s4.6mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.s5.6mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'w'.a.3mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.a.6mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.b.3mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.b.6mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.d0.3mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.d1.3mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.d2.3mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.d3.3mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.d4.3mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.d5.3mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.d6.3mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.d7.3mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.d8.3mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.d9.3mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.s0.6mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.s1.6mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.s2.6mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.s3.6mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.s4.6mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.s5.6mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w.a.3mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.a.6mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.b.3mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.b.6mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.d0.3mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.d1.3mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.d2.3mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.d3.3mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.d4.3mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.d5.3mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.d6.3mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.d7.3mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.d8.3mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.d9.3mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.s0.6mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.s1.6mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.s2.6mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.s3.6mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.s4.6mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.s5.6mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
wflag.a.3mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.a.6mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.b.3mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.b.6mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.d0.3mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.d1.3mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.d2.3mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.d3.3mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.d4.3mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.d5.3mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.d6.3mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.d7.3mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.d8.3mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.d9.3mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.s0.6mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.s1.6mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.s2.6mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.s3.6mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.s4.6mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.s5.6mSpike fract for w time  
wsamples.a.3m# of samples averaged time  
wsamples.a.6m# of samples averaged time  
wsamples.b.3m# of samples averaged time  
wsamples.b.6m# of samples averaged time  

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