FLATLAND 1995 Project

Personnel Involved

Principal Investigators: Wayne Angevine, Jim Warnock

Project Scientific Support: Hal Cole

Project Engineer: Mike Susedik

Project Technicians / Operators: Carmen Paneitz, Cathy Jirak, Lou Verstraete

Project Associate Scientist / Operator: Charlie Martin, Santiago Newbery

Two ISS systems were deployed in support of the Flatland project in central Illinois. These systems were used by the investigators at National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's(NOAA) Aeronomy Laboratory in conjunction with a third 915 MHZ wind profiler already located at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana's Flatland observatory to measure boundary layer entrainment velocities. As part of the effort, the data taken during this project will be used to test the effectiveness of deriving convergence from a triangular configuration of wind profilers. The ISS sites provided surface measurements, wind and virtual temperature profiles, and CLASS sounding capability. Over 140 successful CLASS soundings were taken during FLATLAND.

Sounding Data

  • Flatland95 Class Sounding Skewt plots and analyses
    Sounding Archive General Information
    Soundings by day
    Soundings by station


    ISS2, Sadorus site, Looking Northeast"
    Sadorus ISS2 Layout
    ISS2, Sadorus site "MET" tower and Launcher
    Looking South"
    ISS3, Monticello site, Looking North
    Monticello ISS3 Layout.

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