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Site Photographs

Thanks to Steve Cohn, we have pictures from the site taken during setup:

ISS Realtime Plots

The ISS at Park Falls will be transferring profiler, surface, and GLASS data to ATD every 12 hours, just after 10 and 22 UTC. Plot images for profiler winds, RASS temperatures, surface measurements, and GLASS soundings are grouped by day, and each day of plots resides in its own subdirectory. The wind and temperature data are generated every half-hour from profiler consensus processing. Surface measurements are recorded every minute, and skew-t plots of soundings naturally only appear when soundings have been launched. Since the data transfer depends upon a dial-up Internet connection, plots will not appear here until the phone line is working.

FORESTABL Plot Summaries

There are plot summaries for each of the categories of realtime plots. Each summary is a table of thumbnail images of all of the plots on the website for that category.

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