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11 Tue 07-Apr-2009EDUCT Educational Project in Blue Ridge Mountains, VirginiaMISSBill

11: IMPORTANT, Site MISS, Tue 07-Apr-2009 17:42:38 GMT, EDUCT Educational Project in Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia

MISS in Shenandoah National Park for the EDUCT Educational Project
with the University of Virginia (PI Dr Stephan De Wekker).
We will be operating MISS here for one week, observing boundary layer development, releasing soundings and conducting educational activities.

Initally setup at the National Park headquarters, may be moving to nearby Luray airort, depending on conditions.  Park HQ site is on a small parking lot on the north side of a grassy clearing about 100 m cross.  The park maintenance facility is just to our north.  There is power nearby, however we are running off our generator.  The area is surrounded by 20m trees.

MISS trailer orientated at 350 degrees with Y38 beam at 80 degrees.  Trailer slightly sloping to southeast.  Significant clutter at 2 to 3 km, probably from a mountain to the northeast.  Will reposition trailer tomorrow when some cars on the lot should have moved.

Stephan has set-up a 2m met tower with sonics about 35m south from MISS in the middle of the grass clearing.

System running for testing from about 16Z to 20Z today (April 6).   Note clock correction made to profiler at 1825Z (had been 1421Z) and ceilometer PC (had been 12:25 MDT).