From left to right: CT3, CT4, cav1 tower (above maroon car), cav2 tower, ASTER base trailers (the white seatainers), and the far tower (above the bush on the far right).

From left to right: The ENSR, cav1, and cav2 towers behind the CT4 stack.

The far tower.

The "upwind" tower on the right, shown in relation to the plant entry.

The upwind tower.

The "rooftop" temperature at the NE corner of the railing on top of the main plant, with the data logger below.

A panorama from six views from the SouthEast through North through West taken from the main plant roof. The first view to the Southeast shows, from left to right, CTs 1 through 4 in the center to the left of the oil storage tanks.