R/V Knorr
Feb - Mar, 2007

NCAR / EOL deployed an Integrated Sounding System ISS for the CLIMODE project, two cruises on board the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) research ship, the R/V Knorr, around the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean. For this project, the ISS used a UHF boundary layer wind profiler on a stabilized platform, RASS, and a radiosonde sounding system. The first cruise voyaged from the Knorr's base at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute on Cape Code, sailed in and out of the Gulf Stream multiple times, and then on to Bermuda. The second cruise made similar path, then headed back to Woods Hole. The PI for this deployment was Prof. Jim Edson of the University of Connecticut.

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Google Earth Plots and KML Files

Download the KML files and open in Google Earth to browse the sounding tracks and skew-T plots geographically. Click on the balloon icons to see a thumbnail of the skew-t plot, then click the thumbnail to open the full-size plot in the web browser. The ship track and sounding track overlays can be enabled or disabled individually.

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