Stereo Image of Cumulus Cloud Field

S-PolKa RICO, Codrington, Barbuda
Nov 2004 - Jan 2005

The image shows a field of small tropical cumulus during the RICO experiment. The small clouds seem to go on forever! Particularly note the differences in the vertical extent of the clouds, and how some might actually over-lay others. The extreme tenuous nature of the smaller clouds is obvious in the stereo imagery.

View this image in "cross-eyed" mode. Be sure to change your range to your display, as necessary to allow the images to converge. (Apologies in advance for any accompanying headaches!). Image re-sizing will be added at a future date.

These photos are from digital camera shots by S. Krueger. The photos were taken looking out the left side of the aircraft and were searched out and composited by R. Rilling. The displacement stereo image technique is fairly common, and was reported in BAMS by Charles Warner, 1981.

It is possible to construct full-flight stereo image movies using this technique, provided there exist high-quality side-looking imagery. A prototype application was constructed for a flight of the NCAR C-130 during the IDEAS-III experiment (see webpage).

--- Bob Rilling --- / NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory
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