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Nauru99 is a field project to study the tropical ocean and atmosphere around the island of Nauru in the central western Pacific ocean. The project is part of an on-going campaign by the ARM (Atmospheric Radiation Measurement) program of the U.S. Department of Energy to study global climate. Two highly instrumented research vessels, the R/V Mirai operated by the Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC) and the R/V Ron Brown operated by NOAA were deployed for the project. ARM has a long term climate monitoring station on the island and one aim of the Nauru99 campaign is to calibrate this station against measurements made by the ships off the coast of the island. This activity both checks the instruments and also helps determine how representative the island measurements are of the surrounding ocean. The campaign conducted a detailed study of the interactions between the tropical ocean and atmosphere and also provided a test-bed for new technologies for climate monitoring.


NCAR/ATD operated a range of instruments on both the R/V Mirai and the R/V Ron Brown.

NCAR also maintained a vertically pointing S-Band radar on the Mirai for NOAA/ETL. Further information on the DBS wind profiler, RASS, and surface meteorology sensors is on the Integrated Sounding System page.


R/V Mirai Daily Plots :

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Summary and Case Studies : Analysis of the observations is continuing, check back soon for more results.


Several NCAR staff were involved in the project. For the Mirai operations Dave Parsons was the principle investigator, Bill Brown was the investigator on the spot, spending 4 weeks on the Mirai assisted by Mike Susedik and Lou Verstraete. Charlie Martin and Steve Semmer helped with setting up the equipment in Yokohama, Japan. Junhong Wang, Francois Guichard, and Erik Miller are helping with data analysis. Volker Wulfmeyer was on the Ron Brown for a month with the HRDL Lidar.



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