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Entry Date Title Site Author #Graphics
159 Wed 01-Nov-2006wu teardownWest_UpperOncley
130 Wed 25-Oct-2006krypton kleanWest_UpperOncley
66 Fri 13-Oct-2006wu sensor serial numbersWest_UpperMartin
37 Sat 07-Oct-2006station visit wu; removed 1.5m TRHWest_UpperHorst
24 Fri 06-Oct-2006wu restartedWest_UpperMartin
6 Thu 05-Oct-2006Fixed 1.5 m TRH at wuWest_UpperHorst

159: LOG, Site West_Upper, Wed 01-Nov-2006 16:25:10 MST, wu teardown
West upper was torn down between ~0930-1200.

Serial numbers are:	15108	29137
PSP.out	26224
Pyg.out	31979
Tsurf	3577-6
Rnet parallel	Q94196
Rnet horizontal	Q97034
Gsoil	H993563
Tsoil	NCAR001
TP01	200240
Logger "West Upper" 9868

0.5m	CSAT	377
1.5m	CSAT	536
3m	CSAT	1122
	Kh2o	1395
5m	CSAT	677
Bridge	E

130: KH2O, Site West_Upper, Wed 25-Oct-2006 14:06:42 MST, krypton klean
krypton kleaned ~1155.  MSB of counts went from 09 -> 26.

Krypton mount was loose, but I didn't have allen wrenches.  Should be revisited.

66: Station_Visit, Site West_Upper, Fri 13-Oct-2006 17:20:40 MST, wu sensor serial numbers
Q7		Q94196
Q7horiz		Q97034
pygin		EP29137
pygout		EB31979
pyrin		EP15108
pyrout		EP26244
Tsoil		NCAR001
HFT		H993563
TP01		200240

37: TRH, Site West_Upper, Sat 07-Oct-2006 17:49:18 MST, station visit wu; removed 1.5m TRH
Removed 1.5m TRH at west upper this afternoon, 10/7/06
kh20 s/n = 1395
24: Adam, Site West_Upper, Fri 06-Oct-2006 11:29:56 MST, wu restarted
wu rebooted. Data collection started at 1820UTC

6: TRH, Site West_Upper, Thu 05-Oct-2006 09:11:26 MST, Fixed 1.5 m TRH at wu
10/4/06, morning

Charlie and I fixed 1.5 m TRH, which was reporting a temperature of -40 C, 
by unplugging and plugging back in the 50 Y at the end of the circuit board.
Simply recycling power did not work.