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135 Sun 19-Oct-2003TRH Noise Problemallmilitzer

135: T_RH, Site all, Sun 19-Oct-2003 09:29:26 EDT, TRH Noise Problem
10/18/03 St1 13:05-13:35
	 St4 14:30-15:15

TRH Noise Problem Note:

Note: This noise apparently doesn't appear on the RH, only
	the resistive T transducer.

St1:10/17 we moved the yaggi antenna to the West leg.
	This may have reduced the noise on the Trh.
    10/18 we tried for giggles putting a ground
	wire from the shield tube up to the main housing
	to see if that would help.
	Looking at data messages on the PC, we did not
	see the noise.

St4:10/18 This station had been setup with a microStrip (ie
	broader beam width than yaggi) on the west leg.
	We confirmed that was OK for preventing noise on
	the microBaro, but it clearly had the worst noise
	of all stations on the Trh.
	We tried the 'funky ground wire on the shield' and
	per observing the data messages on the PC, that clearly
	did not fix the problem.....bummer.
	We moved the antenna roughly to the SW by about 3m and
	that fixed it.

Result:	Improvement in shielding of TRH needed (further tests in
		Boulder to help determine best method)
	Greater awareness in placement of GOES antennas to avoid
		problem esp. in user sensors.  Thank goodness it
		didn't effect the turbulent flux csat/h2o, etc.