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44 Tue 16-Sep-2003site 9 visit, Sept 159knudson

44: Slow_AD_Tsfc, Site 9, Tue 16-Sep-2003 08:00:41 EDT, site 9 visit, Sept 15
site #9 visit 9/15/03 
AD not working for channel 5 (Tsfc) - reseated boards, now unit works OK
checked all serial numbers, and boom direction, (355), OK with entry #26
cleaned KH2O, mast down at 21:13 GMT, up at 21:19. Signal increased from 37.4 mv to 176.7 mv
downloaded fast and slow data
cleaned radiometer, took dirt sample 21:28 GMT 3-6 cm depth
fast data SDR hung for 1 1/4 hr, cycled power, now OK