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137 Mon 20-Oct-2003st5: Goes Swapped5militzer
125 Thu 16-Oct-2003GOES RF interferencealldelany
50 Fri 19-Sep-2003Site 7 visit, Sept 187horst

137: GOES, Site 5, Mon 20-Oct-2003 08:56:59 EDT, st5: Goes Swapped
10/19/03 13:35-14:55

Station was 'down' per GOES data.
Visited site: still running but old SE110 transmitter at 2W output.
Swapped in repaired SE120 and station back on air.

SDR/Metppf retrieved and merged in later in day.

Kh2oV at ~0v however we had lots of rain overnight and drizzle
	while there so we didn't consider it a problem.

DCOM332 - EVE problem?
	after 'starting' when replacing goesid (ie from s05_0110.xmt
	to s05_0120.xmt) the bootup failed claiming:
	'unable to open krypton.dat'
	even though it was there.   Played around a bit and had
	to perform a 'reboot' using the hard-pulled reset line low.
	That worked.
	ie teardown note: this cpu may have some intermittent on
	the ramdisk.  I'll slap in a note on the notes.
125: GOES, Site all, Thu 16-Oct-2003 09:55:18 EDT, GOES RF interference
An analysis of the noise inducing effect of the GOES transmissions, as is
  apparent from examination of high-rate data.
The location of the antenna were changed for some stations, generally from
  the South leg to either the West leg or to a Post, located west of the west
  leg. The date of the change is noted.
The intensity of the GOES spikes are indicated:
                    S strong
                    M medium

Station Antenna Location Changedate Signal   PP   O3   T   Tsfc   Comment  

Stn 1   Yagi    S leg                                             (Needs moving)

Stn 2   Yagi    S leg    10/14               S
                W leg                        w                     Sucessful

Stn 3   Yagi    S leg

Stn 4   uStrip  W leg

Stn 5   uStrip  S leg

Stn 6   uStrip  S leg

Stn 7   uStrip  S leg

Stn 8   uStrip  S leg   10/15
                Post                                                Sucessful

Stn 9   uStrip  S leg

50: GOES, Site 7, Fri 19-Sep-2003 09:17:27 EDT, Site 7 visit, Sept 18
Site visit to station 7, Sept 18;  Kurt
Arrived at site 1440 GMT

R&R transmitter, still no transmission.
R&R cables & antenna, still no good.
Tried multiple combinations of transmitters, cables and antenna  and
finally got station to transmit.
Suspect intermittent cable from SE 110 transmitter to EVE front panel,
but have no replacement at this time.  Need to watch station  for
possible transmit  failure.  Will test suspected bad SE 120 transmitter 
at base.

Kurt tested SE 120 transmitter at base, 9/20/03.  Transmitter is toast.

KH2O output = 452 mV at 1641 GMT
Lowered mast 1642; cleaned KH2O, output = 718 mV @ 1650
Raised mast  1648

Cleaned radiometer
Dowloaded fastout and local data storage
Qsoil = 29.75 % @ 1708
Took soil sample @ 1710
Trime readings @ 1715:
	17.8 % @ 45 deg angle (no pilot tool needed)
	28.2 % @ 60 deg angle
	24.0 % @ 30 deg angle (this looked like 3 cm depth)