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144 Wed 22-Oct-2003st2: sdr installed, eve problem2militzer
33 Fri 12-Sep-2003Note on Formats per Suny O3/CO2/MicroBarosallmilitzer

144: EVE, Site 2, Wed 22-Oct-2003 08:58:38 EDT, st2: sdr installed, eve problem
10/21/03 14:40-15:00

SDR Data: Inserted new CF and verified that it was working OK.

EVE problem: on 10/21 at 0Z the RAMDISK DIR. STRUCT. FAILED!
	This was shown evidenced on syslog.log and on console
	screen in 'failure to access'.
	At that point any 'dir' or 'dir /card' failed,
	DAQ fortunately was running, including sdr output (when good media!).
	'REBOOT' RECOVERED full ops and the directory structure was
	actually OK.

	Second/third time this has been seen: systems getting older
	which is a problem, however:
1) EVE code must be examined closely for this problem (ie interrupt
	contention on disk access, etc.) and auto recovery procedures.
2) DCOM332 boards must be fully exercized and tested, possibly checked
	by manuf. as well.   Using 'in-house' software, temp, etc.
33: EVE, Site all, Fri 12-Sep-2003 16:30:40 EDT, Note on Formats per Suny O3/CO2/MicroBaros
Per Dave Fitzgerald,
Suny will install their sensors (someday) as follows:
(hopefully they'll be able to test them in the base trailer
using the 'testbed' eve system so we won't need another config change later)

O3:	2,3,9		via SOAD-6
MicBaro	2,3,4,6,8,9	via SOAD-5
CO2:	2,3,6,9		via EVE-tyCo/6, requires baro on Sbus

Polling Rate of Sensors:
SOAD 1hz with O3,microBaro to allow 'flux estimation'
	This capability was tested on several boxes during setup
	and it work well.
CO2 reporting at 1hz.  Tested in Boulder
	Only problem will be where PTB220's need to be re-arranged
	because some don't work on sbus: specifically for box #9.

This will require config adjustments from initial settings:
Formats were edited on 9/11 as follows:

160:	has 4-comp, CO2, microB, O3, PTB220baro on Sbus
	loads: hvamlogr.all
	1hz polling of SOAD
	slight change from before to put the microBaro on AD-5 and O3 on AD-6.

161:	has none of the above. no change, PTB220baro by itself on tyCo/6
	loads: hvamlogr.few
	.2hz polling of SOAD

162:	has CO2, microB, O3, PTB220baro on Sbus
	loads: hvamlogr.few
	1hz polling of SOAD
	revised from before of channels on SOAD, adding O3

163:	has MicroB, PTB220baro by itself on tyCo/6
	loads: hvamlogr.few
	1hz polling of SOAD