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160 Thu 30-Oct-2003barometersallmaclean
112 Sun 12-Oct-2003st9: removed Baro9militzer

160: Barometer, Site all, Thu 30-Oct-2003 10:16:33 EST, barometers
Two vaisala PMB220  barometers, U4110004 and NCAR0003 have
failed during this project.

They will work if one sets an internal dip switch to 
"use factory defaults". Switch bank S1, 
SW8=ON=factory defaults,  OFF=user settings.  
The barometers do not work if set to OFF=user settings.

The factory defaults for the serial port are  9600,even,7.

My plan for using these barometers is to install them
on stations that are configured for the barometer
on a serial port (choose from 1,4,5,7,8), and change
the serial port config from none,8 to even,7.

The current stations without a barometer are 6 and 9. 

So the plan is to put U4110004 at station 1, and take
whatever barometer that was at 1 to station 9.

Then put NCAR0003 at station 4 and take 4's barometer to 6.


112: Barometer, Site 9, Sun 12-Oct-2003 16:09:15 EDT, st9: removed Baro
10/12/03 18:15-19:00 Z visit

Baro NCAR003 removed:	This unit has been dead for a few days and
			was dying on the sbus.  Returned to base for
SDR data uploaded.
Metppf data uploaded.