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44 Fri 06-Dec-2002Pressure errortoweroncley1

44: Barometer, Site tower, Fri 06-Dec-2002 17:35:47 MST, Pressure error
We've seen this problem before (CASES99/OASIS98): a temperature error on the 
ASTER barometers (but not PAM).  Attached is a plot which shows the difference
between the ASTER and PAM barometers on the top panel.  The bottom panel is the
same after correcting using:

x <- dat("P")                            
x[,1] <- x[,1] + (1/7)*dat("T")[,1] - 0.8

(i.e., a 1mb change per 7degC change and a small bias).

In the future (even now??), we really should use the PAM barometers for ASTER 
-- 5mb is getting to be a large error.