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Cloud and Precipitation Studies

Miami, Florida
August and September 2008

NCAR / EOL is deploying an Integrated Sounding System ISS to the CPS (Cloud and Precipitation Studies) project in Miami, Florida for August and September 2008. The study will examine convective storms in the Miami area, such as thunder storms originating in the Everglades, sea-breeze initiated convection, and outer rain-bands of passing tropical storms. A variety of radars at various wavelengths will be used, allowing, for example, the relationship between up and down drafts and rain drop-size distributions to be examined, with the aim of improving the understanding of sub-tropical/tropical precipitation. The ISS will include balloon-borne radiosonde soundings and MAPR, a 915 MHz wind profiler radar capable of making the rapid measurements required to examine the quickly evolving structure of convective storms.

The principal investigator for the project is Prof Bruce Albrecht of the University of Miami/RSMAS, and the co-PI is Dr Pavlos Kollias (DOE/BNL). The ISS will be based at the University's CSTARS facility in south-western Miami.

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