National Center for Atmospheric Research
EOL Integrated Surface Flux System

CASES99 Table of Variables

The following variables were sampled during this project.

Most variables will have a "time" dimension, indicating they are time-series variables. Variables with a "station" dimension were sampled at more than one station or site.

Variables with a "sample" dimension are available at a resolution of 1/sample times the resolution of the dataset. For example, in a file of 5 minute statistics, a sample dimension of 5 indicates that the variable is available at 1 minute resolution.

For more information on variable names, see the ISFF Variable Name Convention .

Variables that were slowly sampled (usually once per second, or less) start with an upper case character (P, RH, T, etc). Lower case is used for more rapidly sampled variables, typically those used in eddy correlation, like u,v,w,tc,h2o, etc.

Higher moments are represented by products of variables, separated by single quotes. For example, u'v' is the covariance of u and v.

To save space, third and fourth moments of eddy correlation variables aren't listed in the table, but are available in the datasets.

Standard NetCDF variable names should only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores. Therefore, in Netcdf files the actual variable names will be the variable name shown here, with underscores substituted for periods and quotes. The variable name shown in this table will be saved as the "short_name" attribute of the Netcdf variable.

Variable Name Description Units Dimension Sensor Notes
base_timeSeconds since
1970 Jan 1 00:00 GMT
timeSeconds since base_timesecondstime  
Dir.10mWind Directiondegtime x station  
GsoilSoil Heat FluxW/m^2time x station  
IchargeCharging Currentamptime x station  
IloadLoad Currentamptime x station  
PBarometric Pressurembtime x station  
QsoilSoil Moisturevfracttime x stationCS615 
QsoilrawCS615 square wave periodmsectime x stationCS615 
RH.15mRel. Humidity%time  
RH.25mRel. Humidity%time  
RH.2mRel. Humidity%time x station  
RH.35mRel. Humidity%time  
RH.45mRel. Humidity%time  
RH.55mRel. Humidity%time  
RH.5mRel. Humidity%time  
RnetNet RadiationW/m^2time x station ThermopileW/m^2time ThermopileW/m^2time  
Rpile.inUp-looking ThermopileW/m^2time x station  
Rpile.out.a.50mDown-looking ThermopileW/m^2time  
Rpile.out.b.50mDown-looking ThermopileW/m^2time  
Rpile.outDown-looking ThermopileW/m^2time x station  
Rsw.inIncoming ShortwaveW/m^2time x station  
Rsw.outOutgoing ShortwaveW/m^2time x station  
Spd.10mWind Speedm/stime x station  
T.15mAir TempdegCtime  
T.25mAir TempdegCtime  
T.2mAir TempdegCtime x station  
T.35mAir TempdegCtime  
T.45mAir TempdegCtime  
T.55mAir TempdegCtime  
T.5mAir TempdegCtime  
Tbaro degCtime x station  
Tbatt degCtime x station  
Tbox.cosmosElectronics TempdegCtime  
Tbox.festerElectronics TempdegCtime  
Tbox.ragwortElectronics TempdegCtime Case TempdegCtime Case TempdegCtime  
Tcase.inUp-looking Case TempdegCtime x station  
Tcase.out.a.50mDown-looking Case TempdegCtime  
Tcase.out.b.50mDown-looking Case TempdegCtime  
Tcase.outDown-looking Case TempdegCtime x station Dome TempdegCtime Dome TempdegCtime  
Tdome.inUp-looking Dome TempdegCtime x station  
Tdome.out.a.50mDown-looking Dome TempdegCtime  
Tdome.out.b.50mDown-looking Dome TempdegCtime  
Tdome.outDown-looking Dome TempdegCtime x station  
Tlicor.5m degCtime  
Tsamp.20m degCtime  
Tsamp.40m degCtime  
TsfcSurface TempdegCtime x station  
TsoilSoil TemperaturedegCtime x station  
U.15mEastward Windm/stime  
U.25mEastward Windm/stime  
U.35mEastward Windm/stime  
U.45mEastward Windm/stime  
V.15mNorthward Windm/stime  
V.25mNorthward Windm/stime  
V.35mNorthward Windm/stime  
V.45mNorthward Windm/stime  
VbattBattery Voltagevoltstime x station  
ahw.10mAverage hotwire voltageVtime  
ahw.20mAverage hotwire voltageVtime  
ahw.40mAverage hotwire voltageVtime  
altitude mstation  
co2mr'co2mr'.20m (mg/m^3)^2time  
co2mr'co2mr'.40m (mg/m^3)^2time  
co2mr'co2mr'.5m (mg/m3)^2time  
co2mr.20m mg/m^3time  
co2mr.40m mg/m^3time  
co2mr.5m mg/m3time  
diag.1.5m  time  
diag.30m  time  
diag.50m  time  
diag.5m  time  
h2o'h2o'.20mh2o variance(g/m^3)^2time  
h2o'h2o'.40mh2o variance(g/m^3)^2time  
h2o'h2o'.55mh2o variance(g/m^3)^2time  
h2o'h2o'.5mh2o variance(g/m^3)^2time  
h2o'h2o'.k.20mh2o variance(g/m^3)^2time  
h2o'h2o'h2o variance(g/m^3)^2time x station  
h2o.20mWater Vapor Densityg/m^3time  
h2o.40mWater Vapor Densityg/m^3time  
h2o.55mWater Vapor Densityg/m^3time  
h2o.5mWater Vapor Densityg/m^3time  
h2o.k.20mWater Vapor Densityg/m^3time  
h2oWater Vapor Densityg/m^3time x station  
latitude degree_northstation  
longitude degree_eaststation  
pp'pp'.1.5m (mb)^2time  
pp'pp'.30m (mb)^2time  
pp'pp'.50m (mb)^2time  
pp'pp' (units)^2time x station  
pp.1.5m mbtime  
pp.30m mbtime  
pp.50m mbtime  
pp unitstime x station  
rainrRain Ratemm/hrtime x station  
tc'tc'.1.5mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.10mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.20mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.30mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.40mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.50mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.55mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'.5mtc variance(degC)^2time  
tc'tc'tc variance(degC)^2time x station  
tc.1.5mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.10mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.20mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.30mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.40mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.50mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.55mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tc.5mVirtual TemperaturedegCtime  
tcVirtual TemperaturedegCtime x station  
tcflag.1.5mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.10mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.20mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.30mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.40mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.50mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.55mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflag.5mSpike fract for tc time  
tcflagSpike fract for tc time x station  
u'co2mr'.20m m/s mg/m^3time  
u'co2mr'.40m m/s mg/m^3time  
u'co2mr'.5m m/s mg/m3time  
u'h2o'.(,k).20mu h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
u'h2o'.20mu h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
u'h2o'.40mu h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
u'h2o'.55mu h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
u'h2o'.5mu h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
u'h2o'u h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time x station  
u'pp'.1.5m m/s mbtime  
u'pp'.30m m/s mbtime  
u'pp'.50m m/s mbtime  
u'tc'.1.5mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.10mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.20mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.30mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.40mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.50mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.55mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'.5mu tc covariancem/s degCtime  
u'tc'u tc covariancem/s degCtime x station  
u'u'.1.5mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.10mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.20mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.30mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.40mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.50mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.55mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'.5mu variance(m/s)^2time  
u'u'u variance(m/s)^2time x station  
u'v'.1.5mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.10mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.20mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.30mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.40mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.50mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.55mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'.5mu v covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'v'u v covariance(m/s)^2time x station  
u'w'.1.5mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.10mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.20mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.30mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.40mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.50mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.55mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'.5mu w covariance(m/s)^2time  
u'w'u w covariance(m/s)^2time x station  
u.1.5mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.10mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.20mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.30mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.40mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.50mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.55mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
u.5mSonic U Wind Compm/stime  
uSonic U Wind Compm/stime x station  
uflag.1.5mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.10mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.20mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.30mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.40mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.50mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.55mSpike fract for u time  
uflag.5mSpike fract for u time  
uflagSpike fract for u time x station  
ulev.10m degtime  
ulev.40m degtime  
usamples.10m# of samples averaged time  
usamples.20m# of samples averaged time  
usamples.40m# of samples averaged time  
usamples.55m# of samples averaged time  
usamples# of samples averaged time x station  
v'co2mr'.20m m/s mg/m^3time  
v'co2mr'.40m m/s mg/m^3time  
v'co2mr'.5m m/s mg/m3time  
v'h2o'.(,k).20mv h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
v'h2o'.20mv h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
v'h2o'.40mv h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
v'h2o'.55mv h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
v'h2o'.5mv h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
v'h2o'v h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time x station  
v'pp'.1.5m m/s mbtime  
v'pp'.30m m/s mbtime  
v'pp'.50m m/s mbtime  
v'tc'.1.5mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.10mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.20mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.30mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.40mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.50mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.55mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'.5mv tc covariancem/s degCtime  
v'tc'v tc covariancem/s degCtime x station  
v'v'.1.5mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.10mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.20mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.30mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.40mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.50mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.55mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'.5mv variance(m/s)^2time  
v'v'v variance(m/s)^2time x station  
v'w'.1.5mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.10mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.20mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.30mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.40mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.50mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.55mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'.5mv w covariance(m/s)^2time  
v'w'v w covariance(m/s)^2time x station  
v.1.5mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.10mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.20mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.30mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.40mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.50mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.55mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
v.5mSonic V Wind Compm/stime  
vSonic V Wind Compm/stime x station  
vflag.1.5mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.10mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.20mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.30mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.40mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.50mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.55mSpike fract for v time  
vflag.5mSpike fract for v time  
vflagSpike fract for v time x station  
vlev.10m degtime  
vlev.40m degtime  
vsamples.10m# of samples averaged time  
vsamples.20m# of samples averaged time  
vsamples.40m# of samples averaged time  
vsamples.55m# of samples averaged time  
vsamples# of samples averaged time x station degCtime degCtime  
vu.hf.1.5m m/stime  
vu.hf.5m m/stime  
vv.hf.1.5m m/stime  
vv.hf.5m m/stime  
vw.hf.1.5m m/stime  
vw.hf.5m m/stime  
w'co2mr'.20m m/s mg/m^3time  
w'co2mr'.40m m/s mg/m^3time  
w'co2mr'.5m m/s mg/m3time  
w'h2o'.(,k).20mw h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
w'h2o'.20mw h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
w'h2o'.40mw h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
w'h2o'.55mw h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
w'h2o'.5mw h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time  
w'h2o'w h2o covariancem/s g/m^3time x station  
w'pp'.1.5m m/s mbtime  
w'pp'.30m m/s mbtime  
w'pp'.50m m/s mbtime  
w'tc'.1.5mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.10mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.20mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.30mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.40mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.50mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.55mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'.5mw tc covariancem/s degCtime  
w'tc'w tc covariancem/s degCtime x station  
w'w'.1.5mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.10mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.20mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.30mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.40mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.50mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.55mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'.5mw variance(m/s)^2time  
w'w'w variance(m/s)^2time x station  
w.1.5mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.10mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.20mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.30mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.40mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.50mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.55mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
w.5mSonic W Wind Compm/stime  
wSonic W Wind Compm/stime x station  
wflag.1.5mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.10mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.20mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.30mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.40mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.50mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.55mSpike fract for w time  
wflag.5mSpike fract for w time  
wflagSpike fract for w time x station  
wsamples.10m# of samples averaged time  
wsamples.20m# of samples averaged time  
wsamples.40m# of samples averaged time  
wsamples.55m# of samples averaged time  
wsamples# of samples averaged time x station  
xlev.rad1.50m degtime  
xlev.rad2.50m degtime  
xlev.rad3.50m degtime  
ylev.rad1.50m degtime  
ylev.rad2.50m degtime  
ylev.rad3.50m degtime  

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