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San Joaquin Valley, California
June - August, 2008

NCAR / EOL deployed an Integrated Sounding System ISS to the AHATS (Advection Horizontal Array Turbulence Study) in the San Joaquin Valley, California from late June to early August, 2008. The ISS was sited about 3 miles north of Kettleman City, CA. The ISS was used to monitor the atmospheric boundary layer using a wind profiler radar, a sodar, and radiosondes. The study is focused on improving the methods used by numerical models to estimate surface interactions, and a major component of the project is the flux tower measurements being carried out by the EOL ISFS group (see the ISFS Group AHATS Page).

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ISS Group Leader: Bill Brown, Email: wbrown at ucar.edu
Data Issues: Gary Granger Email: granger at ucar.edu
The address of this page is http://www.eol.ucar.edu/rtf/projects/AHATS/iss/