The NCAR/EOL/ISF Sensor Calibration Facility

The sensor calibration facility is used in the evaluation and calibration of in-situ meteorological sensors. The laboratory has the capability to simulate the full range of pressure, temperature, humidity, and wind speed to which meteorological sensors are normally exposed.

Currently the facility is not formally advertising to the outside user; however, please feel free to inquire about its use.

Facility Resources:

  • Laboratory Standards are calibration systems used to make reference measurements. Their calibrations are traceable to primary standards maintained at The NIST Laboratories.
  • Secondary Standards are measurement systems maintained by regular comparison to the laboratory standards, and used to make most of the measurements.

    Information About Metrology

  • National Conference of Standards Laboratories NCSL Member since 1993
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST
  • American National Standards Institute ANSI

    Miscellaneous internal Information for assisting in performing calibrations

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